Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start Their Own Business

Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start Their Own Business

On the internet, you can see the many business ideas. We have some more small business ideas, and we organized them here by categories. Will you know how to turn one of them into a profitable company?  If you don’t like any of them, at least we hope they reflect and discover the concept you could undertake.

And do not miss our post on the different ways of creating a company, explaining in detail all the more technical aspects to the possible specific help that can be found, as well as all the information and help that we have found in various manuals, guides, tools,…, etc

No Money / From Home

Environment / Social Responsibility

Children / Pets / Health

  • Set up a nursery
  • 5 businesses for the whole family
  • Ideas for Doctors
  • Girl games: fashion, makeup, hair salon
  • 8 services for seniors
  • 10 ideas related to sports
  • 10 profitable businesses with animals
  • 6 concepts related to health
  • Things for babies: 7 ideas
  • 6 business ideas for kids
  • Businesses operating in crisis: a funeral home
  • Hair treatments
  • A medical tourism agency
  • Books that tell family history
  • Baby clothing rental
  • 3 business leads for the overweight and obesity market
  • Chronically ill clothing
  • A sector with a great future: health
  • Protective cover anti pets
  • Nursing homes for the elderly
  • Business ideas against allergies
  • Child Safety Consultant
  • Health insurance for dogs and cats
  • Take advantage of the new 2011 anti-smoking law
  • Bicycles for overweight people

Domiciliary services

  • Businesses that operate with home delivery
  • Open a restaurant without table service
  • Home bar
  • Romantic catering at home
  • Hairdresser at home for the elderly
  • Mobile dog cleaning, cost reduction consulting and home clothing sales

Stores (physical or virtual)

  • 12 food franchises
  • Mount a tight
  • Open a vending business
  • Stress bar for executives
  • 5 original ideas for restaurants
  • 10 fashion and clothing businesses
  • Second-hand sewing machines
  • Cheap football boots
  • Second-hand accordions
  • Typical products for Spaniards abroad
  • Second-hand wedding dress store
  • Ideas for specialized online stores
  • The extreme low cost
  • Cooking academy
  • Restaurant with healthy menus
  • Fishmonger on the Internet
  • The store of the future
  • Open a low-cost florist
  • Luxury accessories rental
  • Set up a profitable restaurant
  • Mobile restaurant
  • Sell ​​homemade consumables online by subscription
  • Online buying and selling platform for human hair
  • Hairdresser at 10 euros in 10 ten minutes
  • National manufacturing
  • A-Tex Mex fast-food chain
  • The souvenir shop for forgetful travellers
  • Successfully sell socks online
  • Quick bike workshop
  • Supermarket for seniors and association management
  • Gift shop for men, training center for adults and children, low-cost tailor
  • Online trading
  • International real estate and cinema shop
  • New arrangement shop concept
  • The seasonal store


  • 5 ways to get gold with YouTube
  • Price comparators: things remain to be done
  • A car rental service for 1 euro
  • Insurance comparator
  • 15 awarded startups in Europe
  • Marketplace of pop up stores
  • Business 2.0 between individuals
  • Gloves adapted for touch screen
  • Create a blog about celebrities
  • Unify the logistics of online stores
  • A European price comparator
  • Electoral programs comparative platform
  • Platform to rent tools between individuals
  • The telephone connected to the mobile
  • The 6 Spanish startups of the Red Herring annual Ranking for Europe
  • Virtual webcam tester
  • Very detailed real estate website of premises
  • Business ideas to revolutionize financial markets
  • An iPhone accessory that measures your heart rate
  • Booking website for fast food restaurants
  • The universal contact database
  • 5 European startups to watch in 2011
  • Improved virtual graveyard
  • Website to share clothing measurements
  • Image management on the Internet and Professional organizer
  • A device to cut power to battery-operated equipment

Services / Products

  • Export to Central America
  • Helmet rental machine for cyclists
  • The suitcase coat
  • Ideas with moving companies
  • Install electric car chargers
  • 8 businesses with languages
  • Ideas for lawyers
  • Wealth and investment management
  • Maintenance companies
  • 7 ideas with cars
  • Sell ​​Cheap Manufactured Homes
  • Ancient and very lively crafts
  • Give private lessons, set up academies for competitive examinations and other ideas
  • 6 new business ideas around wine
  • Booming business
  • The tower of Babel and the translation business
  • Luxury: opportunities in times of crisis
  • The 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses in America
  • Tourism entrepreneurs: 5 emerging businesses
  • Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  • Ideas based on television
  • Set up a profitable business in a town
  • Setting up profitable businesses in crisis: ideas
  • Business ideas about sex
  • 3 business ideas to take advantage of the growth of social networks
  • Create an Internet Advertising Company
  • Take away breakfast service for hotels
  • Improve the image of the apartments for sale
  • “Beehive” of professionals
  • Concentrate the real estate sector
  • Be famous for a day
  • Locker service on the beach
  • New concept of real estate, property hunting
  • Modular partition system for offices
  • We return to analyze a business idea a year later: give away experiences
  • The alibis company
  • Make your move yourself
  • For the clueless: device for not putting gasoline in a diesel car
  • Sell ​​unconventional experiences
  • Prepaid fuel cards
  • Advertising on recyclable paper shopping bags
  • Enter to lead a sector
  • Central purchasing services for individuals
  • Specialized human resources agency
  • Decorative pictures, health kits, stickers for Ikea furniture
  • Differentiating by service or price
  • Import / Export
  • Playful farm and energy consulting
  • Give away experiences

Idea lists

  • 100 business ideas for 2014
  • 47 new businesses
  • Profitable businesses in crisis
  • 10 business plan examples
  • 69 business opportunities
  • How to make money with 38 profitable businesses
  • 36 business opportunities
  • What company can I create: 75 business ideas
  • 30 ideas to start businesses with a future
  • 10 good business ideas from Ideas y Ahorro

Have You Not Found The Concept That You Would Like To Launch And Turn Into A Company?

Don’t worry; we will continue to publish more articles and new models that may make some entrepreneurs rich in the future. And don’t forget that to innovate, sometimes it is enough to make a small improvement to an already consolidated process. The difference between a profitable company and an unsuccessful one is often in the small details, and the most important thing has been and will continue to be to have a team capable of carrying out the project successfully.

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