What Business To Start Without Money: 5 Ideas

What Business To Start Without Money: 5 Ideas

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will have already read the other ideas that we have published to start a business without investment, such as those we published a couple of months ago and also those we discussed last month . But if you still don’t know what business to start without money, we are going to give you 5 other ideas.

What Business To Start Without Money: 5 Examples

Marriage Agency

Despite the fact that the Internet has conquered a large part of the public of singles and single women in search of love, there is room for traditional agencies and direct contact. If you are gifted as a matchmaker, you can arrange dates between the people you consider most compatible and charge for it. Love knows no crisis.

Aesthetics At Home

In one of our articles we have long commented on the possibility of setting up a home hairdressing business . The advantage of these businesses is that they do not require setting up a premises , which is very expensive, despite the drop in prices in the real estate market. It is a business that withstands the crisis well, and offering home care and competitive prices could be very profitable.

Find Second-Hand Cars

Last month we discussed the idea of ​​evaluating used vehicles, taking advantage of the growth of this market motivated by the crisis. Another way of working in the sector is looking for specific cars for customers . No longer would the customer have to visit dealerships or go through hundreds of Internet advertisements. You would define what you are looking for and your budget, and the professional will find it. With experience and contacts, better prices can be negotiated. The service would be charged with a commission on the sale.

Distribute Advertising

In times of crisis, companies focus their advertising efforts on the most effective media. The brochures distributed in mailboxes or on car windshields are media with a strong direct impact on business sales . It is a business idea that can be carried out in areas that are not yet saturated with advertising. Arrangements could be made with printers and copy shops to recommend the service to their customers.


Coaching is a background trend today. It is about teaching other people how to improve some aspects of their life . It can be applied to many facets, but to make the most of it I think it could be used for pregnancy and the first months of children. New parents are often preoccupied with many aspects and willing to pay to be reassured. An experienced person (midwife, child educator, psychologist) would be the most suitable for this type of business.

If you have a lot of knowledge in another area, think about whether you could start a related coaching business and do not hesitate to implement it. You can start at the clients’ homes and as the business grows, set up a store

What Business To Put Without Money: Some Recommendations

Launch Your Business In A Sector You Control

The match between the promoter profile and the business is one of the most important success factors. If you already have an academic background and a good professional experience for the type of business you want to start, great. But if this is not the case, assess whether it pays to undertake in another sector, or acquire the necessary training and experience. It is not that complicated, but it is very necessary.

A business That Does Not Require Investment Continues To Have Risks

You may think that if you launch a company without having to invest a lot of capital, you at least limit the risk of loss if it goes wrong. And that is true in the case of a company, because the responsibility is limited, but the same does not happen for a self-employed person. Even if you did not risk your own money at the beginning, you may find yourself in a situation of contracting debts and not being able to pay them.

Also, the risks are not limited to money. A business takes a lot of dedication, and the time you spend also has value. So you should take it into account when looking for what business to put without money.

With a little internal control and good monitoring, you can minimize risks, so feel free to establish analysis tools.

Before launching your idea, put it to the test with a good business plan

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