Putting A Profitable Online Business Without Investment: Advertising Platform On Twitter

Putting A Profitable Online Business Without Investment: Advertising Platform On Twitter

Lately, we published an article on how to take advantage of the growth of the Internet advertising market and another on business ideas based on social networks. Both inspire today’s concept: it’s about using a Twitter account as a platform for ads. It is an online business, profitable and without investment other than the time you will dedicate.

A Profitable And Straightforward Online Business

What Is The Idea?

It is a very simple idea, effortless to implement, but also very easy to copy if it is successful. It would consist of creating a Twitter account where an advertisement would be published per day (which would be repeated two or three times during the day).

Why only once a day? Simply so as not to annoy followers with too much information that they might consider spam. In fact, Groupon does something similar with its daily email deals.

It Takes A Lot Of Work To Grow

If you want to create a Twitter ad platform that can generate money, you first need to create a community with many followers. Your main goal would be to build a sufficient follower base for your ads to have the desired impact.

It would require an important job to make yourself known on the social network. But I think that if you go head-on, telling people that you are only going to share interesting offers, you may be creating a good base. There are many people who want to be up to date with the best offers, and if your account does not publish too much, it will not cause rejection.

How Much Can You Earn?

You could generate income from the beginning, with a growth proportional to your base of followers. Initially, you could charge a very small amount per ad, then ask for much larger amounts.

For example, you could ask € 1 to publish an ad when you have 5,000 followers, € 10 for 50,000 people and € 200 when you reach 1,000,000 followers.

A single person, working from home, could then without much effort, earn € 4,000 a month, but that only after an intense and long work to make their product known, get followers (real and quality) and find advertisers.

A profitable Online Business, Easy To Decline And Copy

You Can Make Many Versions Of The Same Concept

The idea could then be extended to more specific groups of potential customers, for example, with daily advertisements dedicated to beauty products and services, sports, etc. Because the ads will be more specific, you may charge more for them.

There is also the option of being able to decline the concept later on Facebook and LinkedIn. In this last example, a version with job vacancies could be made.

You, Will, Have To Compete With Many Actors

The problem with a profitable online business is that it usually has few barriers to entry. In this case, no investment is required, and the technology is available to everyone since it is a platform for ads on Twitter. There is nothing easier than creating an account. So if the model works, you will have to compete with many other people who will do the same.

Your only differential factors will be:

  • the quality and relevance of the ads you run
  • the work you do to create a community of real users (and not follow/unfollow bots)

What do you think about the idea? Do you think that a Twitter ad platform can be a profitable online business? You can share your opinion in the comment section.

Before launching your idea, put it to the test with a good business plan

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