Making Crafts To Sell From Home: 7 Business Ideas

Making Crafts To Sell From Home: 7 Business Ideas

In this post, I am addressing people who are creative and skilled with their hands. If you want to start your own business from home, you can try different crafts to sell such as painting, pottery or creating clothes.  Depending on your available time and the response of the market, you can turn it into a source of extra income or a one hundred percent business. Here are some clues for business ideas to discover what your talent is.

Creating crafts is an excellent option because by definition they are unique creations, and if you manage to have a style that buyers like, you can turn your talent into a very notable source of income.

You will also be interested in knowing where you can sell your crafts. You have several options, but one of the most interesting is the Etsy platform.

Painting, A Classic Of Crafts To Sell From Home

Although there are very few chosen in the select world of the great painters like Picasso, a talented person can earn a lot of money selling his own paintings. To sell them, one option is to have the closest circle of relationships (it is a good beginning to sell crafts), but then it is better to seek agreements with galleries, or directly by contacting those responsible for large buildings that usually need paintings such as hotels, hospitals, or on a smaller scale restaurants and businesses.

It is also a good idea to have an online store since it is quite easy to display the paintings. In this case, you have to make sure to protect the images (for example by incorporating a logo) to prevent people from using them without paying for them.

If you do not know if you would be good at painting you can always try, and one way to do it is by searching the Internet, for example: Learning to paint

2º- Pottery, An Ancient And Valuable art

According to Wikipedia, pottery (also known as ceramics) is the ” art of making clay or clay objects .” In the old days, when man had not yet invented plastic and it was not so easy to use metals, pottery was the main method of making containers of all kinds. Today it has become a craft whose objects are mainly used for decoration.

Pottery products are a good example of crafts to sell from home. If the person who creates them has a good touch and is original, he can turn them into almost luxury objects and start a very profitable business. The lathe is not that easy to operate, but at least it looks like a lot of fun.

Costume Jewellery, One Of The Crafts To Sell With More Competition

Another interesting option in the handicrafts sector is costume jewellery. Women and more and more men enjoy original decorative items, different from anything that can be found in traditional stores. Since the beads and materials are easy to find (there are even many specialized sites on the Internet), it all depends on the creative talent of each person.

Of course, selling is not so easy, precisely because there is a lot of competition, both on the Internet and in the traditional economy. But with a little positioning work, you may still be able to rank first in Google for some cool keywords.

The Creation Of Original Clothing In Reaction Against The Big Chains

The fashion sector is very conducive to launching interesting business concepts because it is a multi-million dollar activity. Again, it is relatively easy to launch, since it is not difficult to have access to the materials at a good price. Then it is more difficult to find a way to distribute the creations. One option is to use independent clothing stores, but it must be recognized that small businesses are suffering greatly from the growth of large chains.

Perhaps the best way to market your creations is by selling through meetings at the home of one person or another (using contact networks) while creating an online store.

Sculpture, Another Classical Art

If you are looking for crafts to sell that are original, you may be interested in studying the possibility of making sculptures. It is a very wide field because you can still carve stones as well as make wooden creations, paper mache or even recycling products of everyday life. You can represent things or create totally abstract sculptures. The important thing is that you get a market to be able to sell your crafts.

Paper Crafts Of All Kinds

Beyond the aforementioned paper mache, there are a lot of possibilities to create papercrafts. If you remember, a few months ago we interviewed the creator of Angel de Papel, who made things like wedding invitation cards with a very artistic touch. But paper allows you to do many more things, from origami to crafts like the ones that appear on this website.

The Accessories: A Thousand Crafts To Sell

If you want a craft business from home, you can opt for accessories, a field with many possibilities. We have already mentioned the subject of costume jewellery (which could be considered as accessories), but there is much more. From fashion items like hats, belts or bags to practical things for the house (boxes, pencil holders, kitchen items), the list could be endless

You see it? There are many opportunities for creative people. If you have skill with your hands and some good ideas, I advise you to stop to reflect and look for an accessory that could be sold and that is not as generic as some of the previous proposals. Perhaps the market is smaller, but it is also possible that you have less competition and that you can offer a product with greater added value.

I insist on this last point. Because unique creations can be sold at a fairly high price if there is demand. If you don’t believe it, read the story of the artisan who made porcelain shoes that I posted years ago on the blog.

Manisha Boche

Manisha Boche

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