Profitable Small Businesses For The Summer

Profitable Small Businesses For The Summer

The expression “do your August” reflects very well how summer can be a great opportunity to earn money. Spain is a country whose economy is highly oriented to tourism, and that is why we have decided to present small profitable businesses for the summer, just as we did last year with other ideas related to the good weather and vacation season.

Sports Equipment Rental

Summer is the ideal time to practice all kinds of sports. Many of these activities require relatively expensive equipment , and most people would not buy equipment that they will only use once or for a few months. That is why the idea of ​​renting this material is so interesting. We talk about rackets, bicycles, surfboards, kites, skates and even motorized elements such as scooters.

Pet Sitting

Unfortunately for pet owners, pet -friendly vacation sites are still few in number . This situation allows to think of two types of businesses. On the one hand, the traditional pet care while their owners go on vacation for a few days, but also the possibility of setting up a pet care service in the main vacation destinations, so that the owners can enjoy some activities more freely. .

Rent An Extra Room

If you live near a beach, renting a room can be a way to make some money. Today with platforms such as Airbnb or Homeaway it is quite simple. But even better, you could set up a placement service for people in different homes, and charge a commission for it. It can be especially interesting to give this service for groups and organized trips.

Mobile Mini-Library

Why not rent books from beachgoers? Charging a small deposit, and renting by the hour or day, could be a good way to make money, especially on the most visited beaches. It is also an opportunity to bring culture to the masses. There are many people who end up getting bored with so many hours in the sand, and the high level of brightness means that mobile phones have to work with the screen at maximum brightness, and therefore use a lot of battery. There is still room for traditional solutions such as physical books.

Babysitting Service

Holidays are a family experience, but it is also logical that parents want to be able to enjoy a special night without the children. For that, nothing better than setting up a babysitting service for the busiest holiday areas , insisting on the safety and seriousness of the company so that parents can enjoy a pleasant evening without worrying about who takes care of their children.

Looking for more ideas? We have already published more than 300 on the blog, which you will find in the business ideas section by categories.

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