Ideas To Reuse Water At Home

Ideas To Reuse Water At Home

Water has two conditions that should have made it one of the most expensive resources on the planet: it is a scarce good and it is essential for our survival. However, until now it has been considered an inexhaustible resource, with excessive consumption and a very low price in developed countries. That is why it is a good idea to think of systems to recycle and reuse water. We are going to talk about some business ideas inspired by the conservation of the valuable liquid.

The End Of Cheap Water?

With the growth of the world population and the reduction of drinking water reserves (pollution, over-exploitation), a future in which the price of water rises in a disproportionate way seems unavoidable. I am not talking about tomorrow, but in the medium term it is very feasible, at least if we continue not to take care of this resource.

Drinking Water For All Uses

The design of the houses means that we use clean water for all uses. Obviously, it makes sense that drinking water is drinkable. And also the one we use to wash dishes and dishes. But, really, the water we drink represents a very small fraction of what we consume . Even adding the use of cleaning the dishes is still a minority. On second thought, to wash clothes or shower, it is necessary to have clean water, but we probably would not need it to be drinkable. And when we go to uses such as watering the plants, even less. Perhaps the strangest case is the issue of toilets. Today, we use clean water to evacuate our waste. Don’t you think that is outrageous?

An Idea To Reuse Water

Some companies, like Roca, have devised systems to take advantage of the water from the sink and reuse it to flush the toilet (they even won an award for it). But unless the water is wasted washing hands, and taking into account that a flush can represent more than 6 liters, this system is a bit limited, from my point of view.

Improving The Idea: Why Not Recycle Your Shower Water?

It seems much more appropriate to invent a system similar to the one that Roca launched, but with the shower . All the water would be stored in a tank, which in turn would supply the toilet flush system. You can expand the idea with water from the washing machine or dishwasher. Unlike the Roca model mentioned above, it would be more appropriate to invent a separate device that can be coupled to existing systems.

Before launching your idea, put it to the test with a good business plan

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