Business Ideas To Take Advantage Of The Bicycle Boom

Business Ideas To Take Advantage Of The Bicycle Boom

One of the best options to start a business is to take advantage of the big consumer trends. For a few years, motivated by public interest in cleaner modes of transport and the collapse of car traffic, large cities have promoted the use of bicycles one by one. They have created special lanes, installed free access bike rental systems, and the number of cyclists on the streets has increased significantly, to the point that we can speak of a boom.

This phenomenon is so important that even a new platform has been created to promote the project of having one million more cyclists in the country in 2015 . We are still far from being able to circulate in all the big cities by bicycle (it is enough to see, for example, how backward the capital of Spain is in this regard), so the development potential remains very high.

We proposed in this blog a business idea related to this trend, the creation of quick workshops for bicycles, but many more businesses can be developed:

Tourist Bike Rides

It is not a new idea, there are already routes on foot, on Segway, or on bicycles through the center of large cities to see their monuments. However, in cities whose streets have just been enabled for bicycles or will be soon, it is a good time to design the routes and start the business.

Another option is to ride circuits through the countryside, taking advantage of the fact that every day there are more cyclists and therefore more potential customers.

Sale Of Accessories

To go by bicycle, it is not enough to buy it and know where to repair it, many accessories are necessary, both mandatory for safety (such as helmets) and practical (such as adapted backpacks, water bottles, and others). The possibilities of commercialization of products are very great, with ranges that go from the most advanced athletes to family use with children.

The sale can be made in a traditional (local) business, or on the Internet, taking advantage of the growth in sales in the latter medium.

Before launching your idea, put it to the test with a good business plan

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