Business Ideas To Take Advantage Of The Scrapbooking Trend

Business Ideas To Take Advantage Of The Scrapbooking Trend

I don’t know if blog readers were as surprised as I was to see a television ad for a photo album brand. I remember at the time I thought it was about something else. From some medicine to prevent Alzheimer’s, or from a life insurance service. But no, it was an album ad.

What surprised me the most, and it is something a bit absurd, is that it would be profitable for a company of these characteristics to buy an advertising campaign on the large general channels. Honestly, it seemed to me that there was no market for that much. However, it seems that he was wrong.

The Photo As A Tool Of Remembrance

It is true that the appearance of digital cameras a few years ago totally revolutionized the market. What used to be an almost mystical experience (photos were taken for days without having any idea how they would end up, and then went on to develop them in a laboratory), was replaced by a very voracious way of consuming images: with hundreds of photographs for each event.

Until they are developed (or printed on paper, which is common today), photos cost nothing. They can be modified, adjusted, deleted, repeated, as many times as we want. But if the methods have changed a lot, the purpose remains the same: to have a memory of a special moment (holidays, celebrations, parties with friends or family, etc.)

Nowadays, traditional (lifelong album) and digital formats (from Facebook to Flickr to Picasa) coexist. In addition, the shelves of the houses are beginning to be covered with digital frames with a random selection of hundreds of photos.

The Scrapbooking Phenomenon

On the other hand, and apart from digital evolutions, people’s fondness for scrapbooking is growing. It is an especially important phenomenon in the United States (where more than 25 million people confess to being fans), but it is gradually gaining weight in Europe. These are totally personal creations with all kinds of elements, but whose main ingredient is still the souvenir photo.

Business Ideas

Memories, nostalgia, photographs are excellent sources of business and will continue to be. For the entrepreneur, it is about innovating and trying to look for trends that can be turned into profits.

The scrapbooking phenomenon for example already allows many creative-minded people to sell their services to others to make scrapbooks. In the same way, you can imagine companies that design products (digital or physical) totally personalized and to the taste of the consumer, to offer more modern and original versions than the photos posted on the wall of a lifetime.

Can you think of business ideas around the souvenir market? You can share them in the comments section.

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