Sport Classes In The Outdoor Gym

Sport Classes In The Outdoor Gym

The installation in recent years of a large number of fitness equipment on the streets and in the parks has made me think of an easy business to set up: an outdoor gym, with private or group classes. An idea that does not require investment.

A Low-Cost Concept

If your business idea was to set up a low-cost gym, why not take advantage of the free resources directly? Renting a space and investing in machines are two of the most expensive elements of any fitness room business plan. If you take advantage of the park of outdoor machines that are almost never used, you will reduce your budget to the cost of personnel, or nothing if you are the one who gives the classes.

How Could It Work?

It would be enough to find out the best times to be able to use these materials without disturbing the public. It could even be indicated to inquire at the town hall (or the administration responsible for the material) about the possibility of using the machines at certain times. Municipalities may cause trouble or the other way around they might be delighted that their investment is being put to more intensive use.

The business would work with meetings, for example through a website. It would be enough to design a few simple maintenance programs. Clearly, these programs would be aimed at a beginner audience, because outdoor machines are usually not very elaborate either. In particular, older people who want to keep fit and housewives could be interesting clients.

For the latter audience, one of the advantages of outdoor fitness facilities is that they are usually next to playgrounds, and therefore many mothers could practice sports while keeping an eye on their children.

Pricing Policy

To function, it is necessary to offer very competitive prices. Assuming that small groups (of 10 people) are achieved, and with a class of one hour a week, it could be charged about 25 euros per month.

You have to think of this business more as a self-employment strategy than a company where more people will be hired. The advantage is that by not having a venue, you can have groups scattered throughout the city, which means that in a large population, it would not be so difficult to get 10 different groups, in 4 or 5 different parks. This means a monthly income of € 2,500 and very few expenses apart from contributions and transport.

With this concept, and if my calculations are correct, we have already had 67 ideas published this year. But in 2011 and 2010 we also published quite a few, and they are all on our summary page: business ideas by categories.

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