5 Other Ideas To Start A Business Without Money During The Crisis

5 Other Ideas To Start A Business Without Money During The Crisis

5 business ideas that do not need investment. In this article, we will expand the possibilities with five other ideas, all inspired by the opportunities within the crisis.

Redesign CV

The worst consequence of the current economic crisis is undoubtedly unemployment. But many, many people do not know how to write a resume. If the probability that a company will choose our CV out of the thousands it receives for a job offer is low, this probability becomes zero if the CV is not well written. A person with experience in selection processes can correctly help the unemployed to redesign their CV, in exchange for charging a small amount, which multiplied by a large number of clients, could be enough to have a good income.

The services could be extended with advice to prepare a job interview, thanks to a virtual interview by Webcams.

Broker Of Works Budgets

When an individual or a company has to do a work, they usually look for several professionals, and each one sends their budget. The problem is that in many cases, the budgets are not comparable because the technical specifications are not the same. The idea we propose would suit a construction professional very well. It involves going to the clients’ houses to write the technical specifications of the work and then looking for the best price in a network of professionals. The chosen professional would be charged a commission on the work performed.

Remote DIY Tips

Another tip that would serve certain construction professionals. It’s about setting up a remote DIY advice website. Television programs on the subject and the lack of money due to the crisis have led many individuals to dare to do some work at home themselves. However, sometimes they get stuck and need advice. In this case they could show the WebCam expert where they are going, and receive his help. The service would be paid by connection minutes.

Car Expertise

Two other consequences of the crisis are that individuals buy more used cars and that there are a large number of qualified mechanics unemployed. A good idea for one of these professionals is to offer their services to appraise the car and reassure the buyer. A fixed amount of about € 100 could be charged, an amount sufficient to make it worthwhile for the professional and not so great for the individual compared to the price of the car or the risk of future breakdowns.

Sell On Ebay For Others

Many people try to make some income by selling items that they have at home and have left over. However, selling successfully on Ebay is not so easy, not least because the reputation of the seller is very important. A person who performs well on this platform might consider selling the products of others and charging for ads or a commission on the sales.

If you are interested in working from home, we advise you to read these 4 ideas and also these other 3.

Before launching your idea, put it to the test with a good business plan.

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