Xiaomi And Its Shanling MO Lossless MP4 Player

Xiaomi And Its Shanling MO Lossless MP4 Player

Xiaomi is a brand that has grown in a short time, as its devices improve more and more and offer high performance at competitive prices. Thanks to this, it has been able to study other areas of consumption, reaching MP4 players and now you will be able to know the MP4 Shanling MO Lossless.

Xiaomi And The MP4 Player Market

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that is starting to gain global popularity. Their mobile phones are one of the favorites in the Asian continent thanks to their utilities and low cost, which is why they have been able to enter both the European and American markets.

The catalog offered by the technology company for the average consumer is extensive and includes various electronic devices, among which we can highlight mobile phones, audio and video players, external batteries, software in general, among many other things.

When we talk about MP4 players, we imagine devices with screens to be able to watch videos, photos and play music. However, many would think that this is already possible with a single device: the mobile phone. But, if you take into account the sound quality that a good MP4 player can offer, the balance is balanced.

Xiaomi already owns several models of MP3 and MP4 players for its customers, but it was not until last year that it launched a striking and powerful MP4 player: the Shanling MO Lossless MP4. But what makes this model be considered by some as possibly the best MP4 player of the moment ? If you want to know it, we invite you to know it a little more in depth, taking into account its most important characteristics. In case you are interested in acquiring it, knowing its functions will be very useful.

Xiaomi MP4 Shanling MO Lossless


This MP4 model launched in 2018, stands out for its minimalist design and its compact size similar to the screen of a smartwatch. It has dimensions of 4.0 x 1.3 x 4.5 centimeters and its weight barely reaches 38 grams. It is a very easy MP4 to carry or carry in your pocket so that you can listen to music practically anywhere.

Xiaomi offers this player in several different colors depending on its type of case, so that you can satisfy your personal taste. Available options are: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Titanium, and Red with Gold.


At the top of the player you will find a Micro USB port with which you can both charge its battery and upload multimedia files to its internal storage unit. In addition, next to the Micro USB connector you will find the 3.5 mm jack audio port to offer high compatibility with all types of audio reproduction systems, including headphones, external speakers and more.

Another striking detail regarding this model is that it also has built-in wireless connectivity technology via Bluetooth, with which you can use remote playback devices such as Bluetooth headphones or audio systems that also work with this type of device. data transmission. It is very useful to carry in the car and connect it to the speakers through the stereo’s Bluetooth, to mention a daily utility.


The screen of this model is 1.54 ”HD and has a resolution of 240 x 240p, higher than other similar models of the competition so you can enjoy greater sharpness, contrast and brightness when you want to play a video or view a photograph in your player. It has been manufactured by the renowned brand LG and, in addition, it has touch sensors to facilitate the handling of the player even more.


Following the style of smartwatches, the MP4 Shanling MO Lossless incorporates a wheel on one of its sides, through which you can select different options and with one press, activate them. With it, you will be able to choose the song to listen to, manage the volume, make use of the equalizer system, among many other options.


In terms of structure, the MP4 player has rounded corners to be more comfortable to use and hold when held in hand. The casing is made of aluminum alloy, thus giving it a long life and resistance to daily use, as well as a 7H tempered glass cover for your screen, responsible for withstanding accidental impacts and drops.


Regarding the autonomy of its battery, the Xiaomi MP4 player has a 630 mAh lithium unit so you can enjoy continuous content playback for up to 15 hours and 30 days in standby mode. In addition, to fully charge the battery, you will only need to connect it to a power source for approximately 2 hours.


Xiaomi’s equipment is also striking due to the technology used by the device. It is reportedly supported by Sony LDAC wireless technology, with which you can enjoy up to three times the bandwidth of standard Bluetooth, thus allowing the connection between the two computers to remain faithful and seamless.

You should also know that the player also has compatibility with AAC and aptX codecs, as well as working with USB Type C cables so that you can connect it with Apple computers or other equipment that works with this connector format, since they offer a faster charge battery life, as well as faster and more stable data transfer.

On the other hand, it cannot be overlooked that the player has components that allow it to transmit Hi-Fi quality audio, thus outperforming many mobile phone competitors on the market. With the use of this device, you will be able to notice an improvement in all the tones of your favorite music, better appreciating each instrument and the voice of the artist if there is one.

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