Types Of Six Sigma Certification Which are Mostly Recognized

Types Of Six Sigma Certification Which are Mostly Recognized

Six Sigma methodology is the proven way to lead the improvement as well as profit in the field of project management. But is this much information enough to get Six Sigma certified?

No, there are various factors you to have a look before applying for Six Sigma Certification. Such as which Six Sigma certification is mostly recognized? Which certification you should get if you don’t have a lot of experience? All of these questions would be answered in this article but for that, you have to go through the entire article.

Today, the majority of the organization is looking for a candidate who can eliminate the error and provide improvement to them. And hence, the Six Sigma Certification is highly valued. But before you apply for it, you must solve the question that which Six Sigma certification is the best?

About- Most Recognized Six Sigma Certification

Let us help you to solve the question of which Six Sigma Certification is the best? According to the research, ASQ (The American Society for Quality) and IASSC (The International Association for Six Sigma Certification) are widely accepted Six Sigma certification across the globe.  

There are various ways to achieve Six Sigma Certification but these two certifications are only an affordable way to earn credit. These two certifications are widely accepted in various valuable industries. So, let’s jump into the detailing of these certifications.

Moreover, if you want to be a master in reducing the defect and providing the efficiency to the organization, then you must give a shot to Lean Six Sigma Certification. If you want to reflect the specialism of Six Sigma and lean at a time, then Lean Six Sigma Certification is the one.

About IASSC Certification 

IASSC certification claims to be the only certification that is a totally independent entity in the industry. This certification is globally recognized as a Lean Six Sigma Certification. If the professional has been certified with IASSC, it means that the professional has achieved a well-equipped set of skills and knowledge for project management.

The certifications offered by IASSC are: 

  • Black belt certification
  • Yellow belt certification
  • Green belt certification

They have approximately 8000 testing centers globally. To pass the test with flying colors, you have to go through the content and fully comprehend the body of knowledge. The Six Sigma Certification cost depends on the type of certification you choose. And among all of the certifications, this is the most affordable one.  

According to the IASSC website, they aim to grow the professional association and enhance the standards of the community of Lean Six Sigma. However, if you don’t want to step out in this pandemic then give a shot to Six Sigma Certification online courses.

About ASQ Certification 

ASQ or American Society for Quality is the organization that is widely recognized for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma certification across the world. This organization offers two types of certification, that are: 

  • Black belt certification 
  • Green belt certification 

Likely to other exams, the ASQ examination is not easy to clear. Hence, you must have to refer to Six Sigma Certification Online courses to get result with flying colors. However, the Six Sigma Certification cost depends on which type of certification you are choosing.

About Main Three Trustworthy Bodies For Certification 

There’re various types of certification that candidates can trust on such as GE, Villanova, ASQ, IASSC, and much more. There are three types of certifying bodies and they are:

  • Main bodies like ASQ, IASSC 
  • Universities like Villanova 
  • Corporation in-house certification like GE. 

Now, you might have a question that what is in-house certification? In-house certification means the organization would acknowledge the skills as well as techniques so that they can be sure that you can meet their requirements in the future.

The individual who has the set of skills to manage the quality, efficiency, as well as earn the profits, is perfectly boosted by Six Sigma Certification. To be at the top, the candidate has to pass all of the Six Sigma certification Levels. 

The Six Sigma certification allows the organization to continue the improvement which relies on accurate information and that does not lack any of the necessities. In case, you find that your business is not going well then you can boost it up with the help of Six Sigma.

In this article, we have already discussed the main bodies that are ASQ and IASSC. Now, let’s discuss the universities and In-house certifications.

Getting Certified By University Option

Getting certification from university is not bad. But what happens in the university is they appoint the independent contractors for teaching the green belt courses. Now, some university does hire the best of the contractors, but among them, few don’t provide you the real-world project management skills.

Meanwhile, Villanova university provides for-profit education that the accreditation required for teaching Six Sigma. Hence, you can give a shot to Villanova or universities like it. You can ask them directly that does their certification program provides any use to you.

Get Six Sigma certified with the help of University is a good way to start the career. However, you could add prestige by getting certified from a famous university to your resume.

Getting Certified By In-House Organization Option 

Some of the organizations want to make sure that their future employees meet their expectations as well as standards before hiring them. And so, they impart the individual proper set of knowledge that meets their requirements.

They would ask you a few questions regarding your history with Six Sigma and then they would allow you to go with their training procedure. The famous organization like Cummins and GE consists of the In-house certification.

What If You Don’t Have A Particular Experience? 

This question might have various variations because certification means many things to many people. But it depends on you that what you are looking for. Some want to get certified to show the validation that you took the time for learning new subjects. Now, for this, you have to choose the certification which consists of well-defined and set of expectation.

Others want to get certified so that they can learn the topics to put them in a real-world setting. For this, one should pick the certification where you have to perform well in the exam and provide the experiential learning components.

Some want to get certified to meet the requirements of the organization. In this case, choose the certification where you have to perform best in the exam and also have to submit the portfolio of the projects you have completed.

Hence, the above was everything regarding Types of Six Sigma Certification that are most recognized. We hope this article helped you to choose the ideal certification for you.

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