6 Tips To Help You Define The Categories Of Your New Blog

6 Tips To Help You Define The Categories Of Your New Blog

Choosing the categories that a new blog will carry is not as simple as it seems. The categories of your blog are very important when it comes to ordering the content correctly, guiding new readers through all the content on the site and improving the SEO of the blog, directly influencing the search engine positioning.

Before choosing the blog categories we must understand that most people do not enter looking for our main URL and if so, the categories will not matter so much, since it is a frequent user who already knows what they will find.

However, most enter your site when an article that they found interesting comes from the search engine or social networks, that is where it comes into play that the categories of your blog are well designed in a way that allows you to continue reviewing the content you want .

What Are The Categories?

The blog categories will show the main topics that will be covered in the new blog, so they must be structured in order of relevance, clearly and visibly, so that they are within the reach of the person who is browsing the Web.

How To  Choose The Categories Of Your Blog

Each topic that is covered in a blog is different, and although it may resemble other general topics, it will always carry your personal touch, which makes this “so simple task” complicated.

At the beginning, it is recommended that you get a general idea of ​​what you want to write in a new blog , generating possible titles and general topics that are grouped into similar ones. With this, you will have hundreds of possible topics or titles with which to get a general idea.

When you have these points more or less clear, create a mind map, organize and link various topics, try to classify them in the best way. You can organize a brainstorm, include everything you can think of, then you will have time to discard those that you do not think possible.

Before launching the categories of your blog , review them carefully, so that later it will be easier for you to make corrections, since these will affect the urls of the posts and other topics that will end up affecting the SEO of your blog.

Tips to help you choose categories

Define general and simple categories

By clearly defining the categories, you will greatly facilitate the user experience for those who visit your new blog. You can also win new readers who find in one of the categories you have created, the motivation to continue reading your content.

Think SEO

The categories can improve your SEO On Page, so that you include a keyword in them. In addition, having a neat content will also tell search engines the type of content you share, helping to rank it better among Google searches and other search engines.

Don’t choose too many categories

This is not a rule that should always be followed, although almost any website can easily work with 5 categories and allows a maximum of 10. Each category should group a lot of entries, so to detect few entries when you are planning content, try to merge them to rename the categories.

Choose the categories thinking like a reader

When creating a website, it is generally thought that everything is perfect, but we do not review how any user should feel when entering and discovering what content is offered and if everything is as understandable as possible. This is a trick that you can apply, review your website as if you were a reader and refine the choice of your categories.

Think that each entry will have only one category

Another point that we often miss is that each entry should have only one category. So in a new fashion blog whose category is “outfit” “fashion” and “trends”, we must think carefully in which category it will be included.

Forget the subcategories

The simpler the better, forget about putting subcategories that will only bring entanglement to your readers or otherwise you will generate duplicate content that will affect the SEO of your site.

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