SEO Tips: Everything An Entrepreneur Needs To Know To Gain Visibility

SEO Tips: Everything An Entrepreneur Needs To Know To Gain Visibility

The pandemic is a major disruption to our business models and has accelerated the digital transition. We are at a time when the digital channel is stronger and more relevant than ever, and it is foreseeable that it will continue to grow. 

That is why it is essential to learn about SEO, know the main concepts of web positioning, and have experts to create the best strategy. I am going to give you what I consider the most important SEO tips for entrepreneurs and startups.

What Is SEO?

The term SEO is an acronym in English that refers to Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization, literally). Usually, in Spanish, we refer to SEO by web positioning, since the objective is to get your company or startup among the top positions in Google’s results. Yes, I know, I should say search engines, but in Spain Google’s market share is overwhelming.

Specifically, what you are looking for is that the pages of your website are well positioned in the search results for some relevant keywords in your business.

I better give you an example: imagine that you have a swimming pool installation company and you serve the entire Levante. Surely, you will be interested in learning about SEO to place yourself in the first results for terms such as “Valencia pool installation” or “Alicante pool installer”.

Google uses a very complex algorithm, which is always changing, whose objective is to offer the most relevant and best quality results to users. Applying some SEO techniques, entrepreneurs and startups can get positioned.

SEO On Your Own Or With Professional Help?

Given the relevance of the online channel in any modern business strategy, I believe that any current entrepreneur should have a precise idea of what web positioning is and how it works.

But, like what happens with many aspects of your business, it is not the same to know how it works, to be able to make decisions about it, and do it all on your own. On many occasions, it is much more productive to delegate tasks to experts, to focus on the most strategic aspects of managing your business.

In the case of SEO, I think it is important that you make the main decisions, for example, about the positioning strategy, the keywords, etc. But then, it is recommended that you rely on experts who will provide the technical knowledge and effectiveness of the specialization.

What Are The Most Important Aspects You Have To Learn About SEO?

Web positioning is a very broad discipline, with multiple factors, and of course, I cannot list them all in a synthesis article. But, in this post, my goal is that you can learn the most important thing about SEO and that you understand the main concepts at stake. Thus, you can start working SEO for your startup or entrepreneurial projects.

I would summarize the thing in four great ideas

  1. Identify the keywords relevant to your business. Before working on how to position yourself, you need to know the most searched terms for your niche, and the volume of traffic that each generates. For this, you have several tools, such as the Google Adwords keyword planner.
  2. Identify the competition for those keywords. Since your goal is to position yourself at the top, you have to know who you are dealing with, and if it will be easy or not to overcome them. For that, you can use some indicators of the authority of the pages, like Moz.
  3. Work on your page, both in content and technical aspects. You want to offer the best content to satisfy your users and also Google. But you also have to take care of your content as structures, in addition to having a page that loads faster than a bullet.
  4. Get links from relevant pages. Google considers that, if an authoritative website with a theme related to yours links you, then your content is probably good. Thus, if you get many links from relevant pages, the search engine will end up considering that yours is also, and will make you go up in the results. You can get links naturally, simply by posting great content, or you can work with link building strategies.

Each of these aspects could be the subject of a detailed article. But today I just want to help you learn the main concepts of SEO.

Learn SEO While Taking Advantage Of SEM

Another acronym in English? You are right. We changed the O for optimization to the M for marketing. SEM is search engine marketing, in other words, paying for your ad to appear when a user enters a specific search term.

Why pay ads if you can position yourself with SEO? There are several reasons for this.

  1. SEO strategies take time. Sometimes it can take months for you to position yourself well. Meanwhile, paying for ads is a good way to start your business.
  2. You are not guaranteed to be able to position yourself for all the keywords that interest you. With some, SEO will suffice, with others it will be good to bet on SEM.
  3. Using the SEM also gives you greater visibility. Ads appear at the top of Google’s results.

For these reasons, it is advisable to combine both strategies. For entrepreneurs and startups, who by definition are starting their businesses, using both SEO and SEM is a good way to get customers online, at least at first.

I hope that with this article you have been able to learn a little about SEO, and its importance for entrepreneurs and startups.

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