Bluetooth Speakers For Smartphone

Bluetooth Speakers For Smartphone

Enjoy Music Where And When You Always Want

Music and podcasts just make life more beautiful. Whether lively good mood songs to start the day, relaxed chill-out sounds after work or booming beats to celebrate at the weekend: music brings color to our everyday life. Thanks to music streaming services like Spotify, Napster, and Co., the music selection today is almost inexhaustible. But despite technical advances, the sound quality of smartphone, tablet or notebook speakers is not really satisfactory for real music fans. Therefore – in addition to simple Bluetooth headphones- Bluetooth speaker for mobile phones is the easiest way to enjoy your favorite songs wherever and whenever you want, with excellent quality of the phone sound and a significantly higher volume.

What Is A Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth Speaker

The functionality of Bluetooth speakers – or Bluetooth boxes as the devices are sometimes called – is very simple. As the name of the mobile loudspeaker shows, the connection to other wireless devices is established using the established radio transmission standard Bluetooth.

In the latest version, Bluetooth 5.0, the technology has a transmission distance of up to 200 meters – wireless, of course. According to the standardization committee, 40 to 60 meters can be bridged within apartments and houses with walls between two Bluetooth-enabled devices.

How Does A Portable Bluetooth Speaker Work?

how Bluetooth speaker work

To connect a smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker, you first have to check whether Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone. This can be done in a few moments.

To do this, go to the toolbar at the top of the smartphone home screen and look for the typical rune-shaped Bluetooth symbol. If deactivated, Bluetooth can be started by simply tapping on the corresponding symbol. Now all nearby Bluetooth devices are shown on the smartphone display – including the switched on Bluetooth speaker. With one click, the data connection between the speaker with Bluetooth – such as the Google Nest Mini – and the cell phone is established.

Once the mobile speaker is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, the two activated wireless devices connect automatically as soon as you are nearby.

Portable Speaker: What Advantages Does It Offer?

Compared to conventional speaker boxes, Bluetooth speakers offer many advantages today. No wonder that the universally usable portable loudspeakers are today number one in the home audio component market.

The most important advantages of the various Bluetooth boxes with batteries:

  • Extremely practical because the Bluetooth speakers can be taken anywhere thanks to their small size and lightweight
  • Listen to music on the go at the lake, in the garden or park, at parties, with friends, on vacation or while camping
  • Easy transport of the small speakers at home from one room to the next (listening to music in the shower, on the balcony, etc.)
  • Amazingly good sound with rich bass and an exceptionally maximum volume; this despite the compact size
  • Intuitive operation and quick, uncomplicated coupling of the box with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled devices – the ideal smart home experience.
  • The ideal addition for music fans with music streaming subscription: Play millions of songs via the streaming app on your smartphone in top quality via the portable speakers
  • A separate expensive music system is unnecessary
  • The speakers’ long battery life guarantees long-lasting music enjoyment
  • No allocation of the mobile phone’s audio connection thanks to wireless transmission

Bluetooth Speakers: How Much Do They Cost?

how bluetooth speaker works

With so many advantages, the question immediately arises of how much you have to shell out for a good Bluetooth speaker. The range of Bluetooth speakers has now reached such a wide variety that the question can hardly be answered in general. From the high-end loudspeaker, with which an entire discotheque can be professionally sounded, to the small entry-level model, which fits in almost every pocket, there is something for every requirement and budget.

The price range is correspondingly large. The cheapest models start at less than 20 euros while for some premium models from well-known loudspeaker manufacturers such as the brand’s Bose or Teufel you pay up to several hundred euros. Ultimately, of course, it always depends on personal requirements which price category is recommended.

If you only use the speakers every now and then, an entry-level model is sufficient. For regular conscious music enjoyment, you should use a middle-class model that already promises a very good sound. The price range here is between around 60 and 150 euros. Well-known brand loudspeakers – such as those from JBL or Sony – are already available in this price category with a very good sound quality, which should also more than satisfy demanding music lovers. However, if you regularly organize large parties or are an absolute sound purist, the purchase of a high-end model should be considered.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers: Speaker For The Smartphone In The Test

There is now a wide selection of mobile speakers with Bluetooth connection. We, therefore, want to give you an overview and introduce some of the best Bluetooth speakers, both from the entry-level category and from the medium price range.

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers For Your Smartphone

EasyAcc Mini 2 portable 4.1 Bluetooth speaker

EasyAcc Mini 2 portable 4.1 Bluetooth speaker

If you are looking for a particularly handy and wireless speaker box, the EasyAcc Mini 2 could be the right speaker for your cell phone. Despite its extremely handy size – the Bluetooth box fits in almost every pocket – the portable mini Bluetooth speaker produces astonishing sound quality with good sound in this price range.

A high-quality 5W speaker and an integrated bass amplifier offer great sound, good volume, and fine bass. The equipment of the portable loudspeaker is also convincing for the low price. So the speaker has in addition to the modern Bluetooth 4.1. additionally via a slot for a micro SD card, an AUX input and a radio function. In view of the up to 10 hours of gaming time, battery life is also impressive.

Conclusion: With a price of barely more than 20 euros the best choice for all bargain hunters.

The Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker With Good Battery Life

The Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker With Good Battery Life

This portable speaker box from Anker is a real endurance athlete. With up to 24 hours of non-stop playing time, you can enjoy musical entertainment all day long (plus a night of dancing) on ​​a single charge. So that this can also be done in an appealing sound and in the best sound quality, the speaker Anker SoundCore 2 has two powerful 6 Watt drivers for strong 12W stereo sound as well as the Ankers BassUp technology, which delivers extra-deep bass.

The wireless Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth speaker is not only perfect for mobile use outdoors due to its compact dimensions. Thanks to IPX5 waterproofness, even one or two water splashes at the lake or in the outdoor pool cannot harm the device. The new Bluetooth 4.4 standard ensures that the connection between smartphone and loudspeaker via Bluetooth is clear and trouble-free over a distance of up to 20 meters.

Conclusion: Compared to the competition products, the portable and waterproof Bluetooth box has an excellent price-performance ratio, a great sound, and an impressive battery life.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Music Enthusiasts

Libratone TOO Bluetooth Speaker – The compact Speaker

Libratone TOO Bluetooth Speaker - The compact Speaker

Ultra-compact, a real sound miracle and also with a stylish design: these three components are combined in an impressive way by the Libratone TOO Bluetooth speaker. So the portable Bluetooth speaker can be taken anywhere and also cuts a really good figure. The acoustic 360 ° FullRoom technology scatters the song just played in all directions so that everyone can enjoy an equally good sound experience in a happy round at the campfire or at home on the sofa.

The speaker comes with IPx4 splash protection so that the portable speaker can withstand summer outdoor use. 12 hours of battery life thanks to the high-quality lithium-ion battery easily suffice for an extended day with friends or family. If a call interrupts music enjoyment, the conversation can be made directly via the Libratone TOO thanks to the built-in hands-free function. If a friend or acquaintance has the same speaker model, the two speakers can be linked wirelessly for a particularly groovy stereo experience.

Conclusion:Design-conscious music fans take the Libratone TOO and receive a speaker box for a price of almost 100 euros with a fascinating sound experience for the size of the mini device.

DOCKIN D Fine 50 Watt Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

DOCKIN D Fine 50 Watt Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is for all those music enthusiasts who don’t want to compromise on sound quality. It is not for nothing that the DOCKIN D Fine 50 Watt Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker, for example, took first place among all tested Bluetooth speakers on the renowned “Chip Best List” and received a maximum rating of 100/100 for its sound quality in the test. Equipped with the finest sound technology such as four active drivers, 50-watt 2-way stereo sound and two passive bass radiators, this speaker clearly outshines the competition in terms of sound quality. The Bluetooth Box reproduces every song with stunning clarity, volume and excellent bass performance.

The battery is also convincing. Despite the sophisticated sound technology, there are a whole 10 hours of pure music playback. In addition, the Bluetooth box has a practical dust and splash protection for outdoor use. The only drawback of the DOCKIN D Fine 50 is its weight. At just under 2 kilograms, this turns out to be quite a heavyweight compared to the compact competition presented here.

Conclusion:The clear number one in terms of sound quality. There are deductions due to the relatively high weight in terms of mobility.

JBL FLIP 4 Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

JBL FLIP 4 Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip series is probably the best-known and best-selling Bluetooth speaker series. And the latest JBL model – the JBL Flip 4 – is already number 1 on the Amazon sales charts. Success is no accident. And the JBL Flip 4 does everything right in terms of sound quality as well as design, compactness, and price.

In particular, the rich bass, the extraordinary volume and the sonorous stereo sound of the mobile JBL Bluetooth speaker know to inspire in view of the small size of the device. A built-in hands-free function with echo and noise suppression and the robust waterproof material of the portable loudspeaker convince as further equipment features.

Conclusion: If you want to enjoy your favourite music at full volume and with the necessary bass, you definitely can’t go wrong with the JBL Bluetooth speaker “JBL 4”, which is also available in many different colors – including black, blue and white.

Full Music Enjoyment On The Go – Bluetooth Speakers And A Strong Data Plan

Full music enjoyment on the go - Bluetooth speakers and a strong data plan

For sound fans, the combination of a portable Bluetooth speaker and a smartphone with a modern data tariff means absolute freedom of music. Whether you are travelling, in the car, with friends in the garden or having a picnic in the park – an Internet data tariff with large data volume enables you to stream your favourite music anywhere with your mobile phone using a Bluetooth speaker in the best quality and volume.

And anyone who has ever experienced the difference between the sound quality of a cell phone speaker and a high-quality mobile Bluetooth box with their own ears will no longer want to do without the fascinating sound experience with a Bluetooth speaker in the future. offers the necessary LTE tariff with sufficient data volume for independent mobile music streaming pleasure.

Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate easy-to-use golf talk. Portable golf cart Bluetooth speaker that can instantly talk on a golf cart or other metal surface. This iPX7 waterproof and dustproof wireless portable speaker is ideal for voice connection and information exchange. The G-ROK provides 24 hours of battery life, 30 feet of high-quality wireless audio, and one of the strongest magnets in a golf cart. Your speaker is a must for any golfer.

  • Easy to use the magnetic mount
  • iPX7 waterproof and dustproof
  • Anti-drop pattern (5 feet)
  • 24 hours of playback
  • Built-in speaker
  • Wireless up to 30 feet
  • Optional micro SD card stores up to 5000 Songs
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