Apple Introduces AirTag, A Small Token To Find Lost Objects

Apple Introduces AirTag, A Small Token To Find Lost Objects

The American multinational Apple presented this Tuesday its new AirTag product, a small circular silver token equipped with a chip that can be tied to objects such as keys, bags and wallets and then locate them in case they are lost.

AirTag, designed to compete with the popular Tile, a device already on the market with very similar features, uses the ‘Find My’ technology of the iOS operating system , the same technology that allows locating a lost iPhone phone. Equipped with a U1 chip , this token can be attached to a key chain and personalized with the ’emoji’ of your choice. It costs $29 and will go on sale on April 30.

Changes On Mac

Apple also unveiled on Tuesday a completely redesigned new model of its iMac computer , with a screen thickness of just 11.5 millimeters, as well as a new ad -free podcast subscription service with special content.

The new iMac, one of the complete and expensive computers of the entire range offered by the company, uses the M1 chip developed by Apple and that the company began marketing last year, which allows, as they assured during the presentation, a good performance without overheating or excessive fan noise.

The finish of the computer is aluminum and with the elegance of Apple products, which this time will be released in seven different colors : red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and silver.

The screen is 24 inches and 4.5 K resolution , with a total volume reduction of 50% compared to previous models, and the camera’s performance has been improved, which, according to the company, can now record in 1080 pixels even in low light conditions.

The iMac comes equipped with a magnetic power cable that plugs into the back and is complemented by a redesigned keyboard, mouse and trackpad to match the new model.

Apple’s top-of-the-line computer is priced at $1,299 ($1,499 for higher-end versions) and can be ordered online starting April 30.

The firm led by Tim Cook also took advantage of Tuesday’s event to announce a change to its popular podcast app, which from now on will offer listeners the option to subscribe to their favorite shows so they don’t have to listen to ads and access content specials. In addition, subscribers will also be able to listen to new episodes that are produced before they reach the general public.

The price of each subscription for the user will depend on what the creators of the podcasts set, and these in turn will have to pay $19.99 per year to Apple to have the ability to offer this option

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