The GPS Of The iPhone 13 Has Gone Crazy!

The GPS Of The iPhone 13 Has Gone Crazy!

No model of the latest presented by Apple escapes the problem that is generating a lot of controversy, especially when driving. As we can see numerous comments, the location of the iPhone 13 is very imprecise and causes greater evils.

Although at first few or practically no one suffered from this error, apparently one of the most recent updates to iOS 15 is leading to a significant variation of the GPS location and the complaints are being noted in the forums.

My iPhone Doesn’t Know Where I Am

This is what many are expressing since the position change is not less than we are used to, especially when we are in narrow streets or areas with low coverage. In this case, the distance can be up to 100 meters of variation, as the users explain.

A problem that is not solved as quickly as we would like. Many have tried to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps, and the error remains the same. This leads us to the fact that when driving, the iPhone changes our location in the car and redirects us erroneously for a while on detours along highways or highways.

At the moment Apple has not made any statement in this regard and has not even been seen by the company’s official forum, where this error is repeated the most. But this is not the fault of the map apps, since in Strava or other sports apps, the error has also been noted, making it impossible to track the training since it adds kilometers and does not show the reality in the data.

Temporary Solutions

Among so many comments, some have done numerous tests to find a solution that allows us to locate the iPhone’s GPS again. In some cases, they state that just by restarting the mobile, at least for a while, the precision in the phone’s location is resolved, but then we stumble upon the problem again.

Others blame 5G for it, inviting us to disable it to improve support. We can test this by entering Settings> Mobile data> Options, selecting Voice and data to modify it by 4G. We hope that in addition to these patches, Apple will not take long to answer and apply an update that solves the bugs with the location that brings everyone who needs to travel with the iPhone as a guide.

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