Teamfight Tactics Is Now Available In The iOS App Store For iPhone And iPad

Teamfight Tactics Is Now Available In The iOS App Store For iPhone And iPad

A few months ago, we announced the arrival of Teamfight Tactics, one of the latest games developed by Riot Games, for mobiles and tablets, including, of course, the iPhone and iPad. It has been a while since then; the developer has not stopped testing the game to bring it to mobile platforms with a version worthy of the users of these. Thus, today they have decided to launch this strategy game on the App Store, with compatibility for iPhone and iPad.

The new Riot game was born in a way that last year entered the League of Legends client. That little by little has become one of the great bets of the company, especially now that they have launched into the development of different projects, including a mobile version of League, another from their new Legends of Runeterra card game, and of course, this one from Teamfight Tactics. And after a time in tests limited to some regions, we can now download it.

In team fight Tactics, we will have the possibility to face seven rivals in a constant battle where we decide which champions make up our team and in what positions we place them. Throughout the rounds, we will be getting gold and objects with which to improve the team, and little by little, we will be able to weaken our opponents to win first place. And all this with a classification system that will allow us to climb through various ranges.

This new game is already available in the App Store for download, although if you have already played the PC version you will notice that many options are still missing. It seems that it is still a version in development, and Riot will update it to bring the same experience that we already enjoyed on our computers, so do not worry if at first, you run into more problems than normal.

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