iOS 13: All The News Of The Latest iOS Update

iOS 13: All The News Of The Latest iOS Update

You can now install iOS 13 on your iPhone (as long as it is compatible). Before doing so, check out all the news that the latest update of the Apple smartphones operating system brings. Without a doubt, the most important novelty of iOS 13 presented in the inaugural keynote of WWDC 2019 was that it will no longer be available for iPad, basically because Apple’s tablet has now had its own operating system: iPadOS.

But users of iPhone, AirPods, HomePod and CarPlay would like to know that there are other developments that do directly affect these Apple devices. Below you will find everything new that accompanies with iOS 13.

When will iOS 13 be available?

It is currently conceivable to install iOS 13 on compatible devices . It has become available this September 19, a day before the latest generation of iPhones goes on sale: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Until then only the beta version was available.

Improved performance

The iOS update guarantees better performance for compatible devices. In this sense, according to Apple, Face ID face unlocking is 30% faster.

What’s more, application downloads occupy 50% less, while updates weigh 60% less. On the other hand, applications open much faster, since Apple has doubled that speed.

New features in apps with iOS 13

One of the first news announced at WWDC was the appearance of the Dark Mode on iOS, which gives the interface another look. In addition, you can now slide along the keyboard as you type and suggestions will appear when sharing a photo.

Your iPhone applications have also undergone some improvements. For example, you can choose the font size in Safari and the Notes app has a new gallery-like display that should improve your experience.

The Reminders application has been updated to make it smarter and to make alerts easier to use and organize. Simply compose what you need and iOS 13 will understand what you want and when to send a reminder.

On the other hand, the Maps application offers a new map design, although for now only in the United States. Next year should also include that of other countries, although we do not know if Spain will be among them.

Among the new highlights of Maps, tthere is additionally an area of ‘Favorites’ for faster access and ‘Collections’ to create lists and organize your next trip. With the binoculars icon, you will see a three-dimensional view.

But what may interest you most is that the navigation application has been designed to ensure user privacy and security. In fact, since Apple have wanted to highlight that this will be the case throughout the entire iOS 13.

The Messages application also incorporates news. For example, you can personalize your account with a profile picture and your name that will only be revealed if it is you who sends the message. In addition, with the Memoji stickers you can use your Memoji as emojis.

At last, the Photos application now has new tools and effects that are also available for the first time for video. Thus, for the first time you can rotate a video and apply filters and effects to your audiovisual creations.

Although the most significant curiosity of this application is the best way to browse your photos. They will be organized intelligently according to the date or event. In addition, they will also be presented in a preview where the best photos are highlighted.

More privacy and security on iOS 13

As we mentioned in the previous section, Apple has proposed to offer a more private and secure operating system than ever. This starts by ensuring your area, which you can arrange with the goal that you are constantly requested consent to get to it.

In addition, you will always have on hand information about those data that are being shared and iOS 13 will also offer protection against Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks that can access personal information.

Right now, Apple has created a substitute for automatic logins with Facebook or Twitter. Now, you can do it simply with Face ID and choose whether to share your personal email or have Apple create a random one for you in each app you use.

This control of your information is ensured on all Apple platforms, including HomeKit tools. Thus, the HomeKit security camera stores the data in an encrypted form in iCloud to which neither Apple has access.

iOS 13 Renews Siri For AirPods, HomePod And CarPlay

Apple’s virtual assistant also comes with news. The most interesting thing is that now a machine learning system called Neural TTS is used that generates Siri’s voice and that makes his intonation much more natural.

In addition, Siri Shortcuts now have a custom application and the assistant also has new features in AirPods. So, Siri can read your messages out loud just upon receiving them and you can also ask him to respond very quickly.

As for HomePod, you will now have access to more than 100,000 radio stations around the world. In addition, Siri will be able to recognize who speaks to him and personalize his answers. This customization likewise stretches out to numerous different applications.

Finally, in the case of CarPlay, Siri’s suggestions will appear on the home screen, but they will not hinder your experience on other screens, since the app’s interface is now much clearer and easier to use.

At last, in the case of CarPlay, Siri’s suggestions will appear on the home screen, but they will not hinder your experience on other screens, since the application’s interface is presently much more clear and easier to use.

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