Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends For Businesses In 2020

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends For Businesses In 2020

Every new year, different technology trends that businesses are starting to continue will take on a more important role in digital transformation strategies. Experts in the field point out that in 2020 associations will concentrate more on the implementation of these technologies to advance digitization.

The digital transformation is a process that most organizations will not complete in a few years, and in this way they must adopt different technologies that act as enablers of this change, which in turn continue to evolve. These attempt to respond to the digital needs that arise as society, the economy and customers address their own digitization process, which leads them to request more new generation services.

The cloud is a central part of this entire process, but there are different technological trends that are closely related to it, which will mark the digitalization strategies of companies during the coming year. In this sense, the experts of the consultant Linke have published a list with the five trends that CIOs should have very present for next year, in view of the digital transformation of their organizations.

In the words of its technical chief, Ricardo Casanovas, “The cloud computing model has been widely adopted by companies, with progressively huge projects and deployed at scale throughout the organization to benefit from the advantages it offers when it comes to optimize system performance ”. Based on their research, five of these trends will be the main keys to success in the next phase of digital transformation, and in their opinion, they will end up being the needs of CIOs throughout the next year.

Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Many organizations are moving towards the execution of a “Everything as a Service” model, delegating most of the digital services they use in the cloud. In the opinion of Link’s experts, “It will be an approach to modernize its frameworks, in addition to achieving scalability and improving the delivery times of digital services to the organization.”


After uploading applications and systems to the cloud, companies want to robotize them to get the most out of them. As indicated by investigators who have arranged this report, the primary reasons that will lead CIOs to bet on cloud automation are that this will allow them to expand the potential of the cloud in terms of flexibility and agility, while eliminating jobs Routines that take up too much time for IT team workers.


As companies have moved outstanding tasks at hand, data and applications to the cloud, trends such as Hybrid IT have emerged, which has a developing gathering among organizations. But this distributes IT in different locations and systems, complicating the management of infrastructure and services. Therefore, by 2020, CIOs are expected to invest more resources in implementing comprehensive management systems, unifying different environments to simplify work more and to be able to move workloads to the most convenient location at all times and in each case.

Data centers to the cloud

Experts believe that during the next year it will increase to migration of data centers to the cloud, as a subsequent step to the migration of applications and management systems that has been carried out throughout this year. According to Linke experts, in 2020 companies will continue to invest in moving their ERP systems to the cloud, but they will also invest in implementing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data analytics and Internet of Things , among other. These require large computing resources to data centers, and experts say that the cloud provides them with the way to achieve it without excessively raising costs.

Artificial intelligence to attract customers

The improvement of the customer experience has finally become a decisive factor for some businesses, so next year companies will continue to strive to improve in this field. In recent years the improvement of CX had not received adequate attention from companies, and now many of them are preparing to improve in this field through technologies such as artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces. In 2020, the improvement of the customer experience is expected to become one of the CIO’s top priorities. Therefore, the implementation of digital assistants in customer interaction channels will be accelerated.

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