Quick! Mini Metro Is Available For Free On The App Store And Is A Great Game

Quick! Mini Metro Is Available For Free On The App Store And Is A Great Game

We are experiencing difficult days due to the coronavirus, and we will have to spend a lot of time at home in seclusion to avoid contagion. But fortunately, we have devices in the palm of our hands to be able to spend many hours entertaining, and the developers are collaborating.

If we informed you yesterday that the two games Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure can be downloaded completely free in the App Store, they were priced at 5.49 euros in the iOS App Store and 10.99 euros in the Mac App Store, now the well-known and award-winning Mini Metro also becomes free.

Mini Metro is a game in which you will design the metro network of a growing city. You will have to draw the different lines between stations and start trains. The goal is to have very efficient routes and modify them as new stations open. Its usual price was 4.99 euros, and now you can download it to your iPhone and iPad at no cost.

Free Games To Quarantine

It seems that the developers are quite aware, and many of the great games on the App Store are becoming free for the duration of this crisis. As with Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure, Mini Metro has been one of the most awarded games; these are the awards that have given it:

  • The best of the App Store of 2016
  • Mac Game of the Year in over 30 countries
  • BAFTA Award Nominee
  • IGF Award Winner
  • Nominated by IGN for the best mobile game of the year
  • One of the best mobile games of 2016 according to Gamespot

Also, each time you play the experience will be unique, since the game is created and designed for it:

  • The growth of the city will be random so that each game will be unique!
  • Twenty real cities in which to test your skills as a manager.
  • Numerous improvements to shape your metro network.
  • Normal mode for quick games to score points, Infinity to relax and Rush hour to enjoy the maximum challenge.
  • Compete in daily challenges against users from all over the world.
  • Night mode and colorblind mode.
  • A soundtrack, created by Disasterpeace that will be designed to the rhythm of your metro network.

We have already made a complete guide with everything you can do to entertain yourself with your iPhone and iPad, from online games to essential documentaries:

From iPadizate, we will continue working to bring you the best news and compilation to spend these days secluded at home as entertaining as possible. Remember to follow the instructions of the authorities and take advantage and download these great games completely free on your devices.

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