The Difference Between Organic Marketing And Paid Marketing

The Difference Between Organic Marketing And Paid Marketing

Digital marketing is the showcase that shows the world your brand; For this, there is organic marketing and paid marketing, that is, two ways of doing marketing.

It is really very important to learn to familiarize yourself with these two strategies of working with marketing so that you can get the most out of those that are important to your business. Both offer you advantages that knowing how to take advantage of them will bring out the best in your company.

Today we will learn more about what each of these strategies is and how it works, their differences, and how to use them for the benefit and growth of your brand, increasing the interest of more and more people in your products and services.

Keep in mind that it takes commitment and a lot of work to position your brand at the top of the search engines (SEO). One of the most effective ways of doing digital marketing today is through the Smartphone. According to Cyberclic, 68% of companies have incorporated mobile marketing into their global marketing strategy.

But What Is Organic Marketing And Paid Marketing?

Organic Marketing:

Organic marketing is a set of methodological strategies that facilitate conversions, traffic and the growth of your brand naturally, offering original content and opening a channel of communication with users, to fill their needs and where they will spontaneously access, constituting the network that will lead the brand to increase sales of products and services.

The organic marketing requires a large investment of time, commitment and money to hire the experts on the subject. However, you don’t pay for advertising on different search engines. An example of this is videos on YouTube, articles on your blog, and social networks.

85% of the clicks resulting from a search are on organic links, according to SEO and SEM statistics on Cyberclic.

Paid Marketing Or Paid Ads:

It is the advertising that is done by certain means such as ads on social networks such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn, and of course through Google Adwords. This type of paid advertising (known as SEM: Search Engine Marketing) is selected by brands to achieve short-term goals and forcefully.

The marketing paid, is a strategy that is directed through targeting and ads to quickly capture the interest of the public who are really interested in the products and services your brand, achieving more conversions in less time.

It should be noted that in paid advertising you have control over investment because you have the tools to measure progress and achievements such as segmentation, analytical data, and time saved to change or redirect advertising if necessary.

Difference Between Organic Marketing And Paid Marketing

The organic marketing is inexpensive, through valuable content will be the visitors who seek your brand, will not feel overwhelmed or invaded, but rather attracted. In this type of marketing, positioning occurs in the medium and long term, generating results also in the long term and requires effort to achieve goals.

On the other hand, in paid marketing, as its name implies, advertising is paid and through constant ads, it accelerates the exposure of your brand; the positioning is immediate, allowing it to reach more people on different social media. It is recommended to test multiple channels and measure progress and achievements.

Although organic marketing is an innovative definition, it is under this figure that we have originally sought to position brands, advances, and growth.

Currently with the boom that has brought the use of social networks, also came the promotion, advertising, or paid marketing that optimizes and accelerates the achievement of the expected results.

This makes us enter the corporate world with strength, achieving the success of our brand more quickly.

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