Twitter Prepares To Introduce New Conversation Features

Twitter Prepares To Introduce New Conversation Features

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The social network Twitter is introducing new conversation features within its platform. These developments have to do with how to show conversations, through threaded responses and other visual cues.

The first tests were carried out on Twitter, the experimental application of Twitter, which serves as support for the trials and tests of the social network.

The aim of the company of Jack Dorsey is to encourage the use of conversations and, through these upcoming developments, make it easier to follow the conversations and participate in them.

More interaction between business and customers

The social network continues with the purpose of encouraging the use of its platform with the idea of ​​giving more value to brands and businesses. Therefore, the most orderly way of presenting the conversations that Twitter users will soon enjoy, can be used by companies to increase interaction with customers in customer service or other interactions.

The tests in Twitter consist of grouping the conversations just like Reddit, social platform and content aggregate. That is, a user can join the conversation through any tweet, which he can bookmark, share or reply to.

Commissioning in 2020

This way of presenting conversations on Twitter is the same as what has been working on Twitter. Last week this functionality was adjusted to highlight a specific tweet, which would be highlighted when touched within a thread.

In this way, the social network intends to carry out part of Twitter’s features on Twitter, and this new way of presenting the conversations would be part of a group of novelties, which will be released during the next 2020.

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