Samsung Launches Its New Security Chip For Smartphones

Samsung Launches Its New Security Chip For Smartphones

This new security solution consists of the security chip and optimized software that protects private data in an isolated data storage with a Secure Element (SE) Level 5+ certificate in Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL ).

“Security has become an essential feature in today’s smart devices, as they become important tools that contain the key to our personal data connected to various services, such as the cloud and financial transactions,” explained Dongho Shin, senior vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Our new SE security solution for mobile devices will not only keep the data of users more secure but also allow the development of new mobile applications that will expand and enrich our daily lives,” Shin said.

Samsung’s new solution works as a tamper-proof safe that stores users’ confidential and cryptographic data securely, such as PIN codes, passwords, and cryptocurrency credentials in a way separate from typical mobile memory, as you can Be an eUFS memory chip.

The S3k250AF-based SE solution combines a microcontroller, advanced hardware-level protection, and an optimized, secure operating system, ensuring a first-class security guarantee on smartphones thanks to the certificate in CC EAL 5+, the highest received by a mobile component.

The Galaxy S20, The First To Incorporate This Solution

The new smartphones of the Galaxy S20 family will be the first to integrate this solution that is already in production.

As the brand explains, this dedicated chip provides extra security and protection to the existing one in today’s smartphones and tablets. It adds a series of additional protections to defend the equipment from possible attacks such as reverse engineering, lack of protection, or laser attacks, which makes it extremely difficult for others to access or copy the stored confidential data. Also, it manages failed attempts and prevents repeated attacks by accepting only the last authentication request as valid.

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