These Are The Highest Paid Technical Majors

These Are The Highest Paid Technical Majors

Do you think that studying a technical career is not profitable? Here we will give you many reasons to think otherwise.

Technical careers train competitive professionals in the workplace and currently, according to data from the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), a technical professional can obtain an average income of more than 2,000 soles.

And if we add to this some advantages of studying a technical career such as: graduating in a short time, rapid job placement and immediate return of the money we invest in our education, you may already be convinced of its benefits.

This time we will not give you a list of technical careers with the highest demand, but the best paid technical careers in our country.

Find out what is the average income of the highest-paid majors in Peru, here:

Technician In Graphic Design

  • Range: S / 900 to S / 3,000
  • Average income: S / 1,825

Graphic Design allows you to develop advertising projects that serve as a means to meet marketing objectives.

Marketing Technical

  • Range: S / 900 to S / 3,000
  • Average income: S / 1,745

The marketing career trains professionals capable of relating goods or services according to the needs of consumers, given that marketing has become, in recent years, an essential tool in business management.

Mechatronics Technician

  • Range: S / 900 to S / 2,700
  • Average income: S / 1,680

This is one of the technical careers with the highest demand that trains professionals capable of relating industrial electronics with automated mechanical systems and their maintenance and improvement techniques; taking care of high-performance industrial production equipment or systems.

International Business Technician

  • Range: S / 900 to S / 2,700
  • Average income: S / 1,635

This career, also known as Foreign Trade, trains professionals who lead commercial activities among organizations that operate in international markets. It involves the opening to the consolidation of exchange relations at a global level.

Business Administration Technician

  • Range: S / 900 to S / 2,400
  • Average income: S / 1,505

This career forms professional who master the bases to direct, plan, organize and control the administration of a company efficiently and with integrity.

Computer Technician And Computer

  • Range: S / 800 to S / 2,500
  • Average income: S / 1,500

Computing and Informatics train professionals with skills to develop IT solutions on different platforms, efficiently managing servers, operating systems and databases.

Technician In Industrial Electronics

  • Range: S / 900 to S / 2,100
  • Average income: S / 1,454

The Industrial Electronics career trains professionals are capable of handling high-performance industrial equipment and systems used by companies for their production, either in a programmed or pre-established manner.

Technician In Accounting And Banking And Financial Administration

  • Range: S / 800 to S / 1,900
  • Average income: S / 1,320

The Accounting career trains professionals capable of analyzing and controlling the assets of organizations to make economic and financial decisions.

While the career of Banking and Financial Administration trains professionals capable of managing, organizing, planning and executing joint operations of banking and finance, to facilitate financing, credit and collection to clients. It can also propose products and services that provide greater satisfaction to financial needs at the personal, small, medium-sized business and corporate banking level.

Activate your potential with these races! You can find all of them in Idat, where in addition to completing a short-term higher education, you will also gain skills to be competitive in the workplace with one of the best paid technical careers . What are you waiting for?

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