They Warn Of A Campaign To Steal Instagram Accounts With Fake Accounts

They Warn Of A Campaign To Steal Instagram Accounts With Fake Accounts

Specifically, an alleged copyright account communicates with victims in English to alert of alleged infringement in one of the latest posts.

Cybersecurity experts warn of a fraudulent campaign to steal Instagram accounts, sending direct messages through fake accounts.

Specifically, an alleged copyright account communicates in English with victims to alert of alleged infringement in one of the latest publications.

Consequently, the victim is urged to contact a bogus technical team to make a claim, if they consider that there are no copyright issues, or the account will be deactivated within 24 hours .

To do this, the attackers provide an email address <helpteaminstagramcommunity [.] Ml> , where the victims are asked to enter their information (which is later compromised), as well as a fraudulent case number.

Affected users who have reported this scam attempt report that the attackers request all the necessary data to steal an account: username, password and email .

In this sense, they warn that all they have done is copy the logo of this well-known social network owned by Facebook, put in the description the original link to Instagram, and only follow the official account of this social network to give the feeling of authenticity.

For this reason, cybersecurity experts warn that these are false accounts whose sole objective is to usurp the identity of other users , and ask those who receive this type of fraudulent messages to distrust and report that user to Instagram , so that they delete the account as soon as possible.

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