Cybersecurity Has A Phone Number: 017

Cybersecurity Has A Phone Number: 017

The concept of cybersecurity or computer security has been present in our lives for many more years than we think. With the advancement of technology and new Internet connections, cyber risks have increased. Making cybersecurity a fundamental factor to take into account, both at work and personal level.

Cybersecurity Is More Than Antivirus

It is time to become aware that by making good use of such a powerful tool as the Internet, we can take advantage of its full capacity, without putting ourselves at risk.

In the last year, the dangers posed by the use of the Internet, and the lack of training for people, in terms of cybersecurity, has caused thousands of attacks. Identity theft, data theft, CEO fraud, and a long etcetera, causing large losses, not only monetary but also information.

For a long time, it has been said that the weakest link in the chain in the face of a cyberattack, we are people. It is mainly due to ignorance of the infinite capabilities of the Internet, and what its use, without precautions, can cause.

It would be very interesting to reflect on the following question:

Why must a person be trained to drive a forklift, and not to use a computer?

What Should You Do?

It is an individual job that you must do, we always have resources that can help us use it properly, to prevent the possible risks that its use implies.

One of the resources that we can go to is the short number017, of the Government, launched through the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE).

What Will I Find In It?

Free telephone help with questions or queries in cybersecurity, privacy, data protection, digital trust, safe and responsible use of the Internet and technology.

What Characteristics Do They Have?

  • Service: every day of the year, from 09:00 to 21:00
  • Free access
  • Confidential
  • National scope
  • Aimed at companies and professionals who use ICT to develop their business activity

Remember, cybersecurity goes beyond antivirus.

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