Learn How To Make An Impactful Logo

Learn How To Make An Impactful Logo

If you want to know how to make a logo that makes an impactful on the public, you must first learn the concept. The logo is the graphic representation of a brand and is used to name all types of logos: logo, monogram, isotype, image type and emblem.

This set of elements would be the commercial and legal image of a company, project, organization, product, etc.

Now that you know the concept, let’s continue with some tips on how to make an impactful logo:

Double Visual Sense To Your Logo

With this attribute, you can enhance their abilities to perform a more powerful communication. “The name has to sound like several things, but in an intoned way,” says Pep Palau, the director of Ideograma Consultores.

Use Few Elements

The fewer distractors you have in your logo, the more likely you are to be remembered or identified by your audience and the message is effective. Remember: less is more.

Analyze The Trends

Analyze the trends of fonts or graphic elements but do not follow them by following them. In case you do, your logo will probably go out of style in no time or the style will be very risky. Don’t be afraid to innovate and show something that no one has seen. Set a trend.

Develop Your Own Typography

Creating something completely original will add value to your logo, and as a designer, to your own creative style.


You must ensure that your logo makes an impact in all sizes and formats. Also, don’t forget that it should also achieve a black and white impact.

Understood? Now we will see some examples of logos and how the designers handled their development:


This is a typographic logo that is characterized by being direct and concise. Its name, in Arabic, means bright dawn. What can be learned from this brand is the control of the shopping experience. In its stores, everything is white and those who provide customer service wear black, making people the brand’s communication channel.


In this case, the logo complements the image with the name and curved lines in accordance with the Sans Serif typeface. Using the colour red makes it eye-catching and positive, while blue calls for the stability and reliability of the products it offers. On the other hand, the name used (Bimbo) is euphonic, that is, it has an appropriate combination of sounds that refers to something pleasant.


This logo is much more than the name of the company since the hidden arrow between the “E” and the “X” symbolizes speed and trust with the service. This is an example of how to make a logo with a simple design, easy to remember and that manages to show the objective of the brand with a double meaning.

The development of a logo has a research and innovation process that you can learn with our Graphic Design career in a face-to-face and blended way. Learn how to make a logo that makes an impact on us. 

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