Simple Backup Management: Backup And Recovery Services In The Cloud

Simple Backup Management: Backup And Recovery Services In The Cloud

Making backups is a task that despite being tedious and routine is essential as a cybersecurity measure. Access simple backup management with Backup and recovery services in the cloud. In this way, you can focus your efforts on higher-value IT actions, and have at your disposal the latest technologies in Backup and Disaster Recovery.

The incessant increase of the data in the organizations that are stored in very diverse systems and circulate by dozens of applications and devices is complicating to the maximum the implantation of a corporate security plan with a safe, simple and profitable backup operation.

The recommended dynamics of making backup copies in three different locations to guarantee the recovery of data and systems in the event of any incident or disaster that could occur (natural catastrophe, power outage, fire, theft, cyber attacks …) is difficult to assume with an infrastructure On-premise physics, expensive and difficult to manage. Cloud and outsourced management are the keys to freeing organizations from this complex scenario.

Benefits Of Cloud Backup

In the cloud it is possible to access specific software and hardware to carry out any Backup and Disaster Recovery plan . The cloud environment can be the destination of the first backup, the copy of this or the final backup, combining it or not with infrastructure in the company’s premises.

Cloud providers offer updated resources that in most cases exceed in quality those that the organizations themselves could reach. In addition, these resources are paid for use, the costs depend on what is contracted according to the needs of each business.

These two advantages of the cloud backup ensure, on the one hand, that the company always has current technology to be prepared for any change and, on the other, that oversize equipment that generates unnecessary expenses will not be acquired.

However, the great diversity of resources offered in the Cloud becomes a problem for most companies that lack the appropriate knowledge to choose the best option. In addition, managing these remains a task of yours. We would return to the start box.

And it is that the transition to Backup and Disaster Recovery in the cloud can also become a problem if it is not accompanied by its outsourced management by personnel specialized in making backups , that is, BaaS and DRaaS services (Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service) .

Personnel Specialized In Backup And Disaster Recovery At Your Service

Today, most organizations are opting for the deployment of hybrid IT infrastructures that combine physical resources on-premise and in the Cloud. Make backup copies of all servers, virtual machines, on-premise applications and SaaS cloud applications such as Google Suite, Office 365, Salesforce or IaaS platforms in public clouds such as Azure, AWS, IB, it is an effort important operation.

It is essential to know the singularities of each of the solutions so that their support is optimal ensuring the complete recovery of any data or system that is required. When contracting BaaS and DRaaS services, not only is a cloud infrastructure available to make backups and restorations, but also a specialist staff that handles 100% of all the corresponding operations.

These IT professionals have proactive behavior: they continuously monitor the client’s architecture to check the status of the copies and the quality of the restorations, carry out schedules and analyze detailed reports on the processes to ensure compliance with the RTOs and RPOs agreed.

Leave the company’s Backup and Disaster Recovery needs in the hands of IT support experts to defend yourself against any cyberattack and comply with laws such as the GDPR with total security. Put the most advanced technologies and the most qualified staff at the service of your business.

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