Advantages Of The Microsoft Office 365 Collaborative Platform

Advantages Of The Microsoft Office 365 Collaborative Platform

The effectiveness of teamwork is beyond doubt. Fortunately, technology is also an ally to promote and facilitate it in organizations. In this post, we point out the main advantages of the Microsoft Office 365 collaborative platform , without doubt the best suite in the market in this area.

The Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite collaborative solution was the starting point in 2008 of what we know today as Office 365 . It included old ones known as Exchange, SharePoint, Lync (later renamed Skype for Business) and later OneDrive (such as Microsoft Cloud storage to share files securely). These have been joined by a diversity of products that sometimes cost align with their most appropriate use.

They are cloud messaging tools and much more. They facilitate teamwork and boost employee productivity through chats, online meetings via telephone or through videoconferencing messaging, co-authoring environments, secure file sharing, group emails, social networks … Let’s meet some.

What Is Microsoft Teams? Take Another Step After SharePoint And Groups

Teams and Groups complement SharePoint, the popular collaboration platform par excellence. The three tools allow you to manage files, apply updates synchronously and incorporate different items to shape an initiative or a project.

Specifically, Teams offers a work area based on chats, which offers instant access to Office 365 applications referring to voice calls and videoconferences (Skype for Business), the Office online package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Publisher and Acces – these last two from PC), file management (SharePoint), schedules (Planner), analysis (Power BI) and a powerful search engine (Delve). It is a space for real-time communications, in which it commands immediacy. It has a T-Bot as a virtual assistant that makes its use as easy as possible.

Teams is an evolution of Groups, where the main means of communication is email. An important difference between these two applications is that with Groups it is possible to interact with people outside the organization, for its part Teams is designed for internal work within companies.

Use Yammer As A Corporate Social Network

A critical aspect in collaborative environments is planning. Office 365 offers us, Outlook Task and Planner, two applications that drink from SharePoint. The first is more focused on planning individual actions and the second on collective projects.

For its part, Yammer behaves as a corporate social network, bringing to the business world all the attractions of the USSR to use (Facebook, Twitter …). It is a meeting point in which to share knowledge, ask questions, start debates, etc. Multiple communities with different interests can be created throughout the organization.

All these advanced messaging applications for collaborative environments are consumed smoothly also on mobile devices. This means that outside the office teams can continue to be active. For example, working on a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file, interacting with Teams at the same time, uploading it to OneDrive and commenting on a videoconference with Skype for Business … all in an agile way, moving from one device to another.

Deploy A Custom Plan With Office 365

The evolution of all these tools and the incorporation of others is continuous so it can be really stressful for a company to keep up with all these changes. In addition, it is not always easy to manage a combined environment of these in which you have to know in depth its different interfaces and which directly affects the configurations and policies that are defined in the space of the Cloud Office 365 contracted (Office 365 tenant) .

Relying on a company specialized in Microsoft Office 365 allows delegating its production, management and support, keeping up to date with the latest version. In addition, his experience with collaborative cloud platforms is key to helping companies determine which collaborative tools are the ones they need based on their particularities. Its deployment in a secure environment for all the data that is shared is another crucial aspect that is guaranteed when working with experts in Office 365 .

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