Relax Your Eyes: Google’s Dark Mode Is Finally Coming To Windows 10

Relax Your Eyes: Google’s Dark Mode Is Finally Coming To Windows 10

Every time we spend more time sitting in front of the computer, or in front of our smartphone screen. Therefore, any improvement that helps us relax our eyes is always appreciated. When we spend a lot of time in front of a screen, especially at dusk or in situations where we have little light, one of the settings that help us relax, our eyes are dark themes. These usually change light and bright colors for dark, grey and black tones, look at the screen and read what is on it, much more comfortable.

Windows has its own dark theme to help us protect our eyes, as do other operating systems such as macOS, iOS or Android. There are also a large number of programs that come ready-made to change the theme and protect our eyes, and many web pages also allow us to change the colors automatically or with a switch. However, Google is one of the most damaging websites for the eyes, since its main color is white, and it has shown the greatest rejection of dark tones and themes. Up to now.

Google Finally Joins The Party With Its New Dark Mode

After a long testing period, Google has finally started bringing the new dark mode of its search engine to PC users. At the moment, only a minimal number of users can activate this new dark theme in the search engine, and the requirements to be able to use them are to have a Windows 10 version 1809 or higher installed on the PC, as well as a more modern version of Google Chrome 76. This new feature may reach other operating systems and other browsers, but for now, it is only limited to these.

If we have been one of the lucky ones to have received this new function, we will find a new option within the browser preferences that will allow us to activate or deactivate this mode. Google will give us to choose if we want to use a light mode (the original), a dark mode or use the same configuration that we have in the operating system.

This new dark theme for the search engine will progressively reach users. And it shouldn’t take long to be available to everyone. Once it is ready for 100% of the users, it will no longer be only YouTube, allowing you to configure the theme. We can also use a dark background when we use the Google search engine, and all this natively, without extensions.

New Improvements In Chrome’s Dark Modes

Google is also working to improve the dark theme of its browser, Chrome. According to the latest changes that we have seen in Chromium, the browser will change some of the colours and tones that it currently uses as they do not match the rest of the elements, such as selecting or highlighting items. Chrome will also allow users to automatically change the colours according to the theme used in Windows 10 when creating a new profile.

At the moment, we do not know when these changes will reach all users in Chrome. But most likely, it won’t take too long to see it within the Canary branch of the browser.

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