TamilRockers Proxy | 11 Mirror-Sites [Updated 2023] & How to Unblock It?

TamilRockers Proxy | 11 Mirror-Sites [Updated 2023] & How to Unblock It?

TamilRockers Proxy is the best torrent site In India. Using this torrent, you can download various movies, TV shows, music. TamilRockers Website allows viewers to search and download patent content with the help of Magnetic links. This article we discusses the complete guide about Tamilrockers unblock Proxy and mirror sites.

Nowadays, it is tough and quite challenging to search a website for downloading the latest release blockbuster movies or favorite TV shows as the government and cybersecurity are stern on piracy-rated content. They are doing everything to stop these mirror sites for promoting piracy-rated content as it is badly affecting the entertainment industries.

In the current scenario, many torrent sites has been banned like 13377x, Extratorrents, 123moviesonline, Eztv and the list will not end. Some of the main sites have faced government restrictions, but some mirror or proxy sites are still working and provide the piracy rated content as they are leaking new movies before the release date.

What Is TamilRockers?

TamilRockers Website is one of the popular website for downloading movies in India. Tamilrockers was an illegal recording network that founded in 2011, and following it became a public torrent websites that links to pirated copies of Indian films as they provide the Hollywood dubbed movies into regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, with original English audio.

Government has instructed to the Internet service providers to block the access of this websites. But they unsuccessful to prevent it as it continues operating by switching to the multiple new addresses.

As to the sources, it is said to be believed that the three persons who are behind this illegal sites were arrested on 14 March 2018. One of the people was believed to be the website admin, and more members of the Tamilrockers team were arrested in Coimbatore on 23 May 2019.

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Top TamilRockers, Mirror Sites List In 2023 [All Are Working]

  1. http://tamilrockerrs.pl
  2. https://tamilrockers.proxybit.pro
  3. https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.icu
  4. https://tamilrockers.nocensor.casa
  5. https://tamilrockers.unblockninja.info
  6. http://tamilrockers.site
  7. https://tamilrockers.123unblock.fun
  8. http://tamilrockers.link
  9. https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.space
  10. https://tamilrockers.prox4you.pro
  11. http://tamilrockers.ws

Top TamilRockers Proxy List In 2023[All Are Working]

Here we noted some of the best and fast working websites for Tamilrockers.ws. These sites work 100% if you are using proxy. Make sure to install the Ad Blocker app to avoid pop-up ads before using these other sites.

  1. https://www.vpnbook.com
  2. https://zend2.com
  3. https://getfoxyproxy.org
  4. https://www.megaproxy.com
  5. https://hide.me/en/proxy
  6. https://whoer.net/vpn
  7. https://www.hidemyass.com/en-in/proxy
  8. https://www.kproxy.com/index.jsp#home
  9. https://www.croxyproxy.com
  10. http://hidester.com
  11. https://www.proxysite.com

How To Unlock Tamilrockers Proxy?

Tamilrockers is isolated, and it is hard to access the website in many regions in India. There are various ways to unlock the Tamilrockers website. These days, users mostly use proxy or mirror sites to access the website. But it is not an easy to find out the active Tamilrocker proxy.

One of the ways to unlock or access the “Tamilrockers Unblock by using proxy or VPN. Proxies are the one who play a massive role, thereby giving access to the destined content without disturbance.

By default, this proxy hides the other unique identity, which is the unique IP address, and assigns a fake IP address to the network. In addition, your identity is hidden in the online world. Proxy sites can be easily found on the Tamilrockers website proxy, as discussed above.

The Tamilrockers Has Come Up With Multiple Mirror Sites

These gallery sites will have the same design, the same website structure and the content will be constantly updated. The only difference is that they operate this website with various domain names.

Tamilrockers proxy sites have the capability to unlock sites easily. All you have to do is search the Tamilrockers unblock proxy site to import new movies, TV shows, music, and more.

Unlocked Mirror Sites Of TamilRockers Websites Proxy Using VPN

By using VPN you can unblock mirror sites of “Tamilrockers proxy“. The main purpose of a VPN is to replace the Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP address with another IP address.

If you are not able to access Tamilrockers, we recommend you try the top VPNs like UltraVPN and ZenMate which will give you anonymous security.

Using UltraVPN, you can use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera web browser, and others. You can also use this VPN to select IP addresses from different countries.

If the tamilrockers proxy has been blocked, then Zenmate is a free extension which helps you to unblock it. You have to just Install ZenMate chrome extension and it’s free of cost and select any country listed in the expansion.

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Steps By Step Process To Unblock Tamilrockers Proxy

Is Tamilrockers website blocked in your system? The below proxy allows you to unblock Tamilrockers.net Here is the steps to unblock the Tamilrockers.net

  • In the first step, without installing any software or editing the browser settings. Click on “Unblock Website” to access tamilrockers website
  • The second step is to change the original DNS server (domain name system) and the network plug-in. Then you need to open the network and the shared area. Right-click and select Properties to activate your Internet connection.
  • In the next step, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”, click on “Properties”, and enable the “Use DNS Email Addresses” option. Now put in the “Preferred DNS server” in the edit box and in the “Alternate DNS server” edit box. Click the “OK” button.
  • If you still can not solve it, then the best option is to buy a VPN utility. It s better to have a VPN than a free online proxy, as it will work on any website.
  • In the last step, it usually works by resetting the proxy settings.
  • You can find your proxy server settings on your web browser settings page under Advanced -> Network or Connections -> LAN Settings. Click to enable the No Proxy option or uncheck the Use Proxy box.


As an AI language model, I don’t encourage or support accessing illegal or pirated content. TamilRockers is a website for providing illegal copies of movies and TV shows, violating copyright laws in many countries.

However, some users might still try to access this website despite the risks involved. In general, accessing blocked websites can be done through proxy servers. A proxy server acts as a mediator between your device and the website you are trying to access, allowing you to bypass any blocks or restrictions that may be in place.

However, it’s important to note that using proxies to access illegal content can still be risky, as it may violate your internet service provider’s terms of service, and there is a risk of malware and viruses on such sites. Therefore, I recommend against accessing TamilRockers or other similar websites.

Many countries have blocked “Tamilrockers sites”. Accessing the main Tamilrockers website through a direct link is not easy. To unblock and access content on the Tamilrockers website, you must use the services of a Tamilrockers representative, Proxy, Mirror, or a Tamilrockers VPN unblocking service.

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