How To Hack Facebook

How To Hack Facebook

At present, Facebook hacking of personal accounts and pages continues to be one of the cybercrimes that most worries Internet users. Given the high number of users of this social network, together in many cases with low knowledge of computer security, it makes them easy prey for illegal hacking actions.

How To Hack Facebook?

All profiles on Social Networks can be violated at any time, everyday hackers or hackers look for new ways to do it. Throughout this article, we will see how hacking a Facebook account is much easier than you think and we will explain some of the methods they use and how you can protect yourself against these attacks.

The main reason why some people dedicate themselves to accessing social media accounts and trying to hack Facebook is that through them they have access to unlimited information on all user data.

How Do They Access The Data?

There are legal ways to access some of this information to use it for commercial purposes, for example, through surveys or forums, where many times we give information without knowing it. But there are also illegal ways to access this data, this is used mainly for two purposes, to obtain information from your account and your contacts or to access confidential information, such as bank details or similar data and to be victims of harassment or theft of identity.

The 5 Most Common Forms Of Hacking

Through the “Save password” function that appears in the browser when you access the account, it is used for hackers to take advantage of all the information you leave stored.

Hacking through pages that have xploits installed, which consists of generating a page similar to the official one where the victim enters their data. The most common form of action of this method is the sending of links through emails that also usually contain spam or viruses that infect our computer.

There are different software tools such as Kali Linux, intended for computer security and network auditing, through which hackers find the cracks that exist in computer systems and access data.

Accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi networks is the worst thing you can do, especially if they are insecure since you run the serious risk of making all the information available to a hacker who is connected to the same network because Through cookies and temporary storage they will be able to spy on Facebook and access all data.

Another of the most widely used methods today is access to data through smartphones, through which more than 90% of the information is consulted. This access is done through mobile clones that give the hacker access from another device.

How To Protect Your Facebook Against The Attack Of A Hacker?

There are several ways to avoid or reduce the chances that someone can hack into a Facebook account and steal all your personal data. From the page itself there are several methods in the “Security” section:

By activating the login alerts you will receive an email notification and you will be able to know if someone is logging into your account from an unknown device or browser.

With the double-factor login, extra security is added since when you want to enter your account, you will receive a code through your mobile phone to access it. This will prevent other people from being able to log in from that account.

If you want to know which devices and from where they have logged into your Facebook account, you can check it through the “Recognized Devices” section.

Tips To Prevent Your Social Networks From Being ‘Hacked’

It may also be useful to follow a series of tips when browsing the internet and accessing your accounts on social networks:

  • Avoid connecting to public networks.
  • Change the passwords of your accounts frequently.
  • Check the devices that connect to them regularly.
  • Do not access Facebook through links of unknown origin.
  • Do not provide personal information via email.

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