Security Must Be Safe And Secure

Security Must Be Safe And Secure

While machine safety is already an integral part of industrial applications, industrial security is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing number of intelligent machines and systems.

A well-thought-out security concept not only protects people and the environment from dangers but also protects devices, machines, and systems against unauthorized access and manipulation. In practice, an attack on the integrity of a safety system can have serious consequences for the user.

Security Through Access Regulations To Machines And Processes

A security concept regulates the access to the machine or the process: These must be secured against unauthorized opening so that no one is in a hazardous area when the machine is in operation. 

If an authorized machine operator is in this area for maintenance purposes, it must be ensured that no other person accesses the system remotely. Because even the well-intentioned operation or maintenance of a system via a network could have fatal consequences. 

This case shows that the safety of a machine (safety) can be impaired without considering the protection against unauthorized access (the so-called industrial security).

To achieve machine safety, protective door systems can be used to secure the access doors, for example. They ensure that the system can only be started when there is no doubt that nobody is in the danger zone. 

A safety gate system like PSENmlock from Pilz combines safe gate monitoring with safe guard locking in one system and also has safety functions such as emergency stop, escape release and a mechanical restart interlock. It guarantees the safety of people and the process and offers the first component of industrial security through guard locking.

Who Can Do What In Terms Of Security?

A holistic security concept also includes authorization concepts for the different users of a machine. This information and permissions must be carefully assigned. With the PITmode fusion operating mode selection and access authorization system, Pilz offers functionally safe operating mode selection and the regulation of access authorization on machines and systems. 

Each operator receives the machine approvals corresponding to his responsibilities and qualifications on an RFID-coded key. The system can only be operated and controlled by authorized persons in defined operating modes. According to the manufacturer, there is a high level of protection against unintentional actions and manipulation. The security of the information is, therefore ‘safe and secure’.

If the operating mode selection and access authorization system is supplemented by the components of the supplier’s modular safety gate system, a coherent access concept to the machine is created. 

Security aspects are also taken into account with regard to user authentication, qualification, and access protection. If an accident or security incident occurs on the machine, you can see who made which change by reading out the RFID key. This is particularly important in the event of security incidents in order to be able to take countermeasures.

Protection Of The Systems Against Manipulation

Control networks may only be accessible to authorized users. This is often a challenge if you want to meet the requirements of the smart factory at the same time. Systems are increasingly modular, networked with each other and can be accessed remotely for maintenance or diagnostics. 

This enables a group of people to have remote access that would otherwise only be possible locally, with physical access. Depending on the exposure of the network, the system can also be operated and manipulated. The Application Firewall Security Bridge can guarantee the necessary protection here: Access to the control network is only possible if it is in line with physical security and safety. 

 This takes into account aspects such as threat scenarios, strengths, and weaknesses during the development process. Access via the Security Bridge corresponds to today’s IT security requirements. For a holistic security concept, it is important to take a close look at the different aspects of safety and industrial security and how they interact.

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