How To Effective Manage A Remote Working Team For An Employer?

How To Effective Manage A Remote Working Team For An Employer?

Communication Line

By way of meetings, conferences, bilateral, team meetings, a continual dialogue must always exist for a remote worker. This will fill in for the lack of physical interface that remote working involves.

The employees must feel encouraged to work for their final objective of serving the business. Having all remote workers meet every now and then creates a sense of general air that work is being done despite the distance.

Some functions essentially focus on communication. For instance, there are tele callers or customer service roles that solely speak with clienteles. There are codes and numbers provided by WeNumber that offer solutions to these roles.

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Regular meetings are an important way to ensure that there is healthy competition and regular updates about the work. Further, regular communication through emails, calls, conference calls, check-in calls must be done.

WeNumber offers a lot of leverage with respect to making inter and intra communication flow seamlessly, even in a remote manner. The employer must stay in touch with the remote team on a regular basis to be aware that there is a steady flow of functionality.

Adequate Technological Support

If the remote workers have the adequate technological support to cater to their functionality, they can perform efficiently. Basic infrastructural support is very important to ensure that the required functions can be performed.

For instance, the workers must have laptops instead of desktops to allow them to work remotely without delay. Desktops create a sense of immovability and seriously bottleneck any sort of movability.

Another technological support is by way of steady internet support, reimbursement of internet bills based on usage that accounts for a lot of expenses. Thus, adequate technological and network support is the backbone of remote functionality.

There must also be a technology team in place that addresses any technological issues that employees face. The team must actively provide remote assistance in case of any technology related issue.

With technology, hiccups are likely and the support could really save a lot of remote working hours to cater to the gadget need. Therefore, ensuring that all remote workers have active technology support via phones and emails is important.

With technological support, necessary insight and management benefits are additional features. There will be a clearer purview on the work hours, performance and results provided by the remote team.

Remote Working Guidelines

Remote working should be backed by remote working guidelines and rules. If remote working is being practiced in a usual manner, having a human resource vetted guideline for it makes the remote workers better informed.

The guidelines could act as a go-to document for any confusion, ambiguity, or dual communication that remote workers are having. Instead of seeking irrelevant remote working information guidelines from the line manager, the guidelines can always be referred to.

Any questions or feedback about the guidelines can always be cross confirmed from the human resource department. During the beginning of remote working implementation, the remote workers must be asked to go through the guidelines and get back with questions and feedback. 

The guidelines can also be verbally explained in a consolidated remote meeting wherein immediate employee feedback can be taken into account. Involving the personnel in the guidelines makes the business cover every possible aspect of remote working.

Remote Working Tips

Guidelines could be formal informative documents that levy the weightage on essential information like attendance, leaves, etc. The remote working tips could be an informal way of assisting the remote workers in better performance of their functions.

Every individual has a different set of working situations at home. Some live alone, some with roommates, some with children, some in an absolutely confined space, etc. An informal document must be circulated to assist the workers in ensuring that they can make the best of the situation.

This would also give a personal touch and add value to the employer and employee relationship. This further ensures that the tips are workable and pertinent to individual roles and responsibilities.

Line Manager Supervision

Another important tool is that there should be adequate supervision from the line manager. The line manager must be informed and aware of the conduct of the worker. 

There must be a clear code of conduct of marking the line manager to all relevant mails, supervision, calls, check-ins that must be followed. The line manager must also be approachable in case of queries and questions of the workers. 

Their availability for the employees sets a tone of trust and rightful escalations in the work. The employer can assign good and efficient line managers to gain insight into the work of the employees. 

They can question, seek feedback, and directly report to the employer on the development of functionalities.


The support of the employer is essential for ensuring that remote working does not impact the productivity of the workers pejoratively. The remote workers must have all technological support, call support, and regular communication to stay in touch with their core objective.

Check out more info about 0333 numbers as it curbs a lot of challenges that are otherwise faced by virtue of remote working. A virtual number providing services rendered by WeNumber makes sure that you can cover the lag of remote working through an essential calling system in place.

Communication is an important aspect of remote working as it curbs the gap of the physical interface. We live in an era where staying in touch is possible through technology. It can be used to the fullest for professional and personal support that employers must render.

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