Email Marketing Trends To Get More Sales In 2020

Email Marketing Trends To Get More Sales In 2020

Email marketing has changed dramatically since its inception but remains one of the most effective and reliable tools with which we marketers.

However, if we want to obtain results, it is not enough to repeat the usual strategies: you have to be up to date with news and always adapt to changes. So let’s review the most successful email marketing trends in 2020.

Top 7 Email Marketing Trends In 2020

1. The Use Of Artificial Intelligence 

The use of artificial intelligence in email marketing promises to automate increasingly tedious and repetitive processes and allow segmentation like we never imagined before. Predictive personalization will allow us to anticipate customer behavior to be more relevant than ever.

2. Data-Based Email Marketing 

Chances are you’ve already incorporated data marketing into your email marketing in one way or another, but in 2020 we’ll go further. Data analysis will allow us to truly do customer-based marketing and create experiences you don’t want to miss.

3. Mobile As A Priority 

Mobile traffic has outpaced the web for years, but in terms of conversion, desktop computers continue to win. However, the trend is that the mobile phone takes more and more of the cake: in 2019, revenues from this type of device reached 32%, representing an annual growth of 23%. In addition, the ratio of openings from mobile phones is higher.

4. Trust As The Basis Of Email Marketing

Many thought that the RGPD was going to be the end of email marketing, but two years after its implementation, this channel is still more alive than ever.

What has changed is that users now trust brands more when managing their data, since they know that they have to comply with regulations. To keep up with this marketing trend, professionals have an obligation to make content always relevant and add value.

5. The Integration Of Social Networks 

In the world, 42% of the population is on social networks. For brands, this is an alternative way of being in contact with their audiences, connecting with them, and getting their brand message across to them. The elements like the hashtag or the social media buttons help to integrate all this potential within our emails.

6. Minimalist Designs And Texts 

Users receive dozens of emails a day, so to stand out it is important to be direct, concise, and get to the point. Simple and clean designs convey confidence and help get the message across more effectively.

7. Video Content 

A marketing trend that is repeated year after year is that video content is becoming increasingly popular. For marketers, videos are a great opportunity to showcase your product in action, so don’t hesitate to incorporate this resource into your email marketing.

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