How To Hide Android Keylogger Without Them Knowing

How To Hide Android Keylogger Without Them Knowing

It’s possible to record keystrokes on an Android device these days. So, keyloggers do not only apply to computers only. The problem is that the keyloggers being used these days cannot hide.

So, after some time of use, your target will know something foreign is on their phone or tablet. Is there any way to solve that? Yes, we have a solution that will hide and also not notify the user.

Many have been using it, and so should you. Keyloggers in the mobile end have also advanced to collect other forms of information. So, stick around to see how well you can use this keylogger.

Part 1: The Hiding ClickFree Android Keylogger

You may have heard of the ClickFree page already or not. For those who have heard of it, they have applied it for different uses. Now, one of them is keylogging Android phones. Depending on how it has been used, one thing is clear, it will hide, and it’s easy to set up. 

That is why millions of people will continue using it in more than 190 countries. In the keylogger perspective, ClickFree will fetch you everything the target types on that phone. It will then store them in log files.

The files are arranged according to the applications that demand the keyboard input. So, if you want to see what was typed under WhatsApp, you only need to click the relevant icon. Now, to access these details, you need your ClickFree account online. That is where everything starts.


The registration and installation process takes about five minutes. What’s needed is for you to register and then install the tiny app once on the victim’s phone. During installation, that’s when you activate something we call the stealth mode feature.

That is what helps ClickFree to stay hidden. So, after the quick setup, the app will disappear from the wizard display. While in the background, it will collect all the keystrokes and then connect with your online account.

To view them, you only need your login details. The control panel that displays the information is compatible with all browsers. So, you only need an internet-enabled device to access the account.

Most people use keyloggers to collect essential information like usernames and passwords. So, using the ClickFree keylogger for Android to locate the typed authentication details is not a problem. They will be there in your account, and you only need to click on the relevant icons under the keylogger.

There are other things that you can collect using ClickFree. They include calls, messages, location, browsing history, and more. You can check out the demo page on the main website to see how all the features work.

The keystrokes and other pieces of information are always protected from malicious practices. ClickFree does that by using its cloud as a syncing medium. So, there is nothing stored in it. When you log in, it will always sync with the phone before revealing the dashboard.

Here are the steps you need to hide and start using the ClickFree Android keylogger.

Part 2: How to Use ClickFree Android Keylogger While Hidden

What You Require

  1. The Android device you want to record keyloggers from. It should have Android 4.0 and above
  2. Internet connection
  3. Email address

Steps To Use The Keylogger

Step 1: Visit the ClickFree website and register an account using your email address and a password. Choose the Android icon and proceed to purchase the plan that suits you.

Step 2: You’ll get an email confirming the transaction. It will also have the instructions you need to start the installation process.

Step 3: Use the sent link in the email to install ClickFree once on the targeted phone. Make sure you activate the stealth mode by selecting the ‘Hide Application’ option. After that, finish the installation and login to your account remotely.

Step 4: Access your account online using another device and wait for the syncing to complete. Later, the dashboard will appear with all the features you need and the phone’s summary too.

To access the keylogger, click on the link at the bottom left to view the contents.

Part 3: Benefits of Using ClickFree Android Keylogger

Now, apart from the fact that it can hide, ClickFree has other advantages as well. They include the following:

  • No rooting: If you choose ClickFree, know that it will never demand to root. It has the cutting edge technologies that don’t need such techniques.
  • Safe to use: ClickFree is malware-free. It also protects the information you collect from your target from external attacks.

Real-time updates: For the keylogger and other features, the information will be appearing as soon as the culprit updates on their phone.

  • Reliable: ClickFree occupies less than 2MB memory space in the targeted device. Also, it does not drain the battery while syncing with your online account.
  • Quick installation: It will take you less than 5 minutes to install ClickFree and start using it.
  • Remote uninstallation: You can get rid of ClickFree remotely via the control panel. It has a one-click uninstallation button for that.
  • Budget-friendly prices: When you purchase the keylogger, you get the whole package. That means you have more than 30 features at your disposal.

Excellent customer support: If you have any issues with the keylogger or anything else, ClickFree customer care is there for you at all times.


Now, you know that it’s possible to hide a keylogger in an Android and get the results remotely. On the other hand, it requires an app with the best practices. For ClickFree, it does nothing to alert the user.

There is no rooting, and it will hide after the one-time installation. So, the only time the target will know is when you have something worth confronting. So, do you want to stay hidden as you access people’s passwords remotely?

Visit the ClickFree website and register for an account right away.

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