How To Build A Secure RESTful API In Node.js

How To Build A Secure RESTful API In Node.js

There is no doubt in saying that Node.js has become one of the most popular technologies used by programmers and mobile application development companies. With the right use of node.js with Express.js framework, you can get an exceptional building of fast RESTful APIs due to its great speed, simplicity, and huge scalability.

What Is REST?

REST (Representational State Transfer) can be defined as it is an architectural style for creating web services. The popularity of REST is just because it is very simple to use. It can build upon the already existed systems and features of the internet’s HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) for achieving its objectives.

Principles Of REST

  •  Client-Server: It is a client-server architecture as the client and server both contain a diverse set of concerns.
  • Stateless: REST is stateless as the overall communication between server and client contains all the required information which is needed to perform the request. REST has no session state at the server-side and everything that is kept inside is entirely on the client’s side.
  • Cacheable: It is cacheable as the server, the client, or any intermediary component can cache resources for improving the overall performance.
  • Uniform interface: It provides a streamlined type of interface between its components so that it becomes easier for all components to understand the interactions of the system.
  • Layered system: REST has a layered system that every individual component cannot see beyond the latest layer with which they are having the interaction.
  • Code on demand: REST offers code on demand and its code can be downloaded for extending the client functionality.

Resource Methods

Resource Methods

Another important factor in REST is the way in which the material is obtained. Many people use the HTTP GET / PUT / POST / DELETE method fraudulently.

REST And HTTP Are Not Same!

Most people choose to compare HTTP on vacation. REST and HTTP are not the same.


So, since REST also strives to streamline and streamline the web, it really protects the use of the REST principle. And here people are trying to compare REST to the web (HTTP). Nothing in Roy Fielding’s description does he mention the establishments – including the HTTP protocol and protocol. Currently, it respects the one that points to the core of REST 6 and can call its interface RESTful.

Technologies Used To Create APIs In REST

The major technologies that are used for creating API in REST are JSON, OAuth, Webhooks, and more. These technologies are preferred more by both API consumers and API providers. They have so many core principles like security, making data, simplicity, and resources accessible, and are easy to integrate into web and mobile applications.

How To Set-Up REST API In Node.js

Node.js is a server-side platform that can do a lot more than just serving data and pages. It’s a powerful platform that will help you to run JavaScript on your shell which is similar to how you ran Python.

To get started, you will need to download the stable release of Node.js. It is important to remember not to download the current or latest version as it may contain bugs and features that you cannot remove from the final version. For better support, you should download the LTS version as it is mentioned on (the website where you can download all the previous and current releases. After downloading the NodeJS binaries, you will need to install them on your machine with the given instructions on the page concerning your platform.

Build API With The Use Of Express.js

  • Brief about Express.js
    Express.js is a popular HTTP server framework built on a Node.JS environment that ships with basic functionalities. It has a highly customizable architecture and is very easy to learn, install, and use. Express.JS framework is not just limited to building REST API and does diverse things like performing server-side rendering, hosting static files, and also using it as a proxy server.
  • Requirements to build API with Express.JS The prerequisite that is needed to start-up and running with building an express API is having NodeJs environment installed on your system and a bit of knowledge on HTTP request architecture. NodeJs comes packed with NPM(Node Package Manager) which will be used to download express package and startup a local project.
  • Installation process 
    • Install nvm // Not necessary
    • Install NodeJS (will install NPM along with it).
    • Create a directory to hold your express project.
    • Setup package.json using the command “npm init -y” on the directory you created
    • Install express using “npm install express”
  • Implementation: There is a quick start guide on the express js website you can use to start creating your API.
  • Plan API 
  • Pre-requisites – Node.js installation

You can install NodeJS from here –

  • Get started with creating a code
    • Create a folder
    • Go to a folder using terminal
    • Create package.json file
    • Brief about package.json
    • Create Node server
    • App.js
    • Update and check

Update and check

<H2>How to Build Node.js API without using an external framework</H2> 

Node JS Development is an environment that can be used to build any kind of application whether it is for mobile web or desktop. Building a RESTful API application without using any framework is completely possible but it will gradually take more time over using an external framework. The reason why we use an external framework like express is that it provides an easier way of writing our API instead of focusing on non-trivial things. If we try to build API without any external framework then we have to take care of all nitty-gritty details which will make the development quite frustrating and also will take an unnecessarily huge amount of time. If you would like to take a look there is an explanation guide on the NodeJS website which shows and explain a bit on how to set up a server. Also, there are other external libraries and frameworks that can be used with Node.JS. All the libraries and frameworks that are used with Node.JS is to make the whole development process a lot simpler, easier, and quicker. If you are working on any real project then these frameworks and libraries are best to get easy and quick development.

Few Best Node.js Frameworks To Use

Here are some best Node.js frameworks to use –

  • Koa.js
  • Express.js
  • Meteor JS
  • Sails.js
  • LoopBack.js
  • Next.js
  • Hapi.js
  • Derby.js

Tips to easily create Node.js app development –

There is no easy way unless you know the basics of creating an API. For a quick starter, we can use express-generator for express or API management framework like straps.

  1. Should I use an external Node.js framework or develop an app without any external framework?
    You should definitely use an external framework like express, koa, or meteor. These frameworks have a built-in setup of all necessary things that are required for building an API. It makes development a lot simpler by letting you focus on your business logic. If you try to build an app with raw NodeJS interfaces then it will be a bit difficult as there are a lot of things to set up before you actually start writing your business logic.
  2. What are the aspects to consider while hiring a node.js developer? Below are the top aspects to consider while hiring a Node.js developer –
    • They must have familiarity with the Agile and Scrum methodologies
    • They must have a knowledge of all the basic HTTP Methods used for building an API.
    • js developer must have knowledge of processes and continuous integration or code review
    • They must have the ability to write unit and integration tests
    • js developers must have a full understanding of front end technologies
    • They must have full efficiency in writing code
    • js developers must have solid experience of working with GitHub
    • NodeJS is evolving with new features and changes every day. So they much have at least basic knowledge of new features like ES2015 support.

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