How To Attract Potential Clients From LinkedIn

How To Attract Potential Clients From LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn right for your company? First of all, review this article in which we review the most popular social networks of 2022 and how to choose which one is ideal for your online communication strategy.

If something differentiates LinkedIn from the rest of social networks, it is the close relationship it maintains with the world of work. Although many associates it only with the supply and demand of employment for others. A network in which to review job offers and send your CV. When really, LinkedIn is so much more than that.

In fact, it is the ideal social network for those freelancers or companies that focus on offering their goods and services to other companies. On LinkedIn, you have the possibility of making yourself known among those entrepreneurs who belong to your target sector. But how do you convert them into leads?

Optimize Your Profile

On LinkedIn, as in life itself, the first impression plays a crucial role. This means taking care of your profile down to the smallest detail. You never know when a potential prospect will stumble upon your profile.

Start with having it 100% complete. The banner, the profile photo, the extract, professional experience, skills, interests, and getting recommendations from colleagues or clients. The more complete (without including irrelevant details), the more your image as a professional will be reinforced.

Another important aspect and entering a more technical field is to get the positioning of keywords. Positioning is also important on LinkedIn. If, for example, you are a professional photographer, try to add to your profile the terms with which clients can search for you (photographer, photo session). Including the keywords in the interests of your profile can improve the positioning.

But keep in mind that having a nice and complete profile is not enough. Do not think that it will be a matter of optimizing your profile and waiting for all the clients to knock on your door. On LinkedIn, it is vitally important to maintain an active role. To explain how to do it, we have been inspired by the philosophy of Enric Sabaté, who recommends following the digital strategy of the 4 Cs (Create, Communicate, Connect and Grow).

To Create

Creating your own content on LinkedIn is the first step. Take the time necessary to maintain a constant rhythm of publications. Seek to create content that adds value (relevant information) for your sector and combine it with corporate content about your brand. Play with the different formats (photos, videos, external links) to make it more varied. And open discussion whenever you can: inviting users to engage with your posts through comments will increase your growth.


Communicate with your surroundings. It is not only recommended that other users get involved with your content but that you also participate with comments on the publications in your environment. After all, we are in a social network, a two-way communication channel. This is not a network where you just spout your monologues. The idea is to reinforce the community in which your business is involved.

Something very useful to strengthen the community is to be part of LinkedIn groups. There are groups for almost everything. Locate those groups in which your target customers are and participate in them. This will increase your visibility.

To Connect

Connecting with people is what will give us the opportunity to talk to them about our services when the time is right. It is not about going desperately trying to connect with everyone. In these cases, the quality of the contract is worth more than the quantity. It is better to connect with one person who has needs that you can cover than to connect with ten people who will never need your services.

Once you connect with a potential client, you can consider having a conversation with them via private message. You don’t have to be shy. Remember that the main objective of this type of conversation is for the client to get to know you and discover what you do and how you do it.

You will hardly be able to convert a client directly through LinkedIn. Moreover, if you are too direct and give the impression that you only want their money, you can scare that person away. Take this conversation as a first contact. A mere cover letter in which you must show yourself as a true professional. If that person really needs your services, it will be the person who asks you for more information.

Growing Up

If you work hard and stay consistent, you will grow little by little on LinkedIn, which will increase your chances of attracting more customers. Nor is it that there is a secret formula to growing in this social network. And that is why our last piece of advice is that you dare to experience new things. Everything we know works on LinkedIn because we have previously tested it. So dare to try everything. New publication schedules, new communication approaches, new topics to be discussed, etc.

If you see that something does not work as expected, it is as easy as not doing it again. So it’s worth the risk to discover new techniques and approaches that really pique the interest of your target customers.

As you can see, growing on LinkedIn is something that requires a lot of effort and dedication. If you do not have the necessary resources to do it yourself, there is always another option. The option of entrusting your digital communication strategy to a professional Social Media team

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