How To Choose The Best Social Networks For Business?

How To Choose The Best Social Networks For Business?

More and more small businesses are realizing the importance of social networks. And the fact is that, regardless of whether the content “peta” or not “peta” it on networks, it all comes down to a matter of trust.

Think about it: you are torn between two companies that offer the same service, so you decide to take a look at their social networks to find out more about them. And you find that while one is active on several networks and cares about showing off its services and receiving feedback from its community, it turns out that the last publication of the other company was a year and a half ago.

Which one gives you more confidence? Without taking into account the quality of the service, the second case already gives you a feeling of neglect and lack of involvement that can tip the balance against you when making the purchase decision.

The 4 Requirements Before Entering Social Networks

We have already seen that it is advisable to be present on social networks, however, with all the networks that exist today… which ones are the most suitable for my company? Spoiler alert: Staying active on all social networks at once is almost never a viable option.

Before venturing into any social network, it is advisable to reflect enough to have met these 4 requirements :

  • Be aware of which network your customers are on.

Each social network has a different type of audience and depending on the company’s target audience, it will be more convenient to enter one than another.

  • Know how users interact with that network.

The behavior and purpose of users differ depending on the network they are on. The same user can keep in touch with their loved ones on Facebook, be entertained on Instagram, get informed on Twitter and even search for a job on LinkedIn. Even on numerous occasions the same social network encompasses various purposes of the user. Knowing the dynamics of each social network will make it easier for us to create suitable content for it.

  • Mark the objectives of your company in RRSS.

What do you want to achieve in social networks? Depending on the answer, you will be more interested in one or the other. For example, if your priority is to create a brand image (or “do branding”), you should know that Instagram is usually one of the most effective . However, if what you want is to divert traffic to your website , Instagram may not be the most effective for you. Simply due to the fact that Instagram does not allow you to add links to your posts (at least not for free), while on other networks (such as Twitter or Facebook ) this is possible.

  • Decide what resources can be allocated to this strategy.

Managing the social networks of a company is not an easy thing. And like any other communication strategy, this one requires your resources . But you should know what resources each of them require and which ones you are willing to use . For example, Twitter requires high activity and interaction , as well as being aware of all the current topics; but it requires much less graphic resources than Instagram , so we won’t have to focus as much on graphic design. Another example is that of Youtube, where all the contents are videos.. Do we really have the necessary resources (a good camera, time, a lot of creativity, etc.) to stay active on a network like YouTube?

We understand that meeting these 4 requirements is not always an easy task. But there is always the option of consulting the strategy from the first moment with true professionals.

What Is The Most Suitable Social Network For My Company?

To have it very clear, we will review the 7 most popular social networks of this 2021 . Solving the same questions for each of them:


What kind of audience does Facebook have?

With its more than 2.5 billion users , Facebook continues to be the most used social network. Furthermore, if we study their audience we find that there is parity between men and women. We also found that not only does it reach a young audience, but it is also well established in the 35-54 year old segment, of which 67% have incomes between €18,000 and €55,000. Users spend an average of 58 minutes a day on this social network.

What is the main purpose of Facebook users?

As it appears on its home page: “Facebook helps you communicate and share with the people in your life . ” This indicates an intentionality of a social and idle nature on the part of the users. Who enters Facebook enters to connect with people. And for this, a more personal face is usually shown , sharing aspects of their life or letting the world know what their tastes and hobbies are.

What types of businesses could fit on Facebook?

The first question to address is whether the business offers its goods and services to another company (B2B) or directly to the end customer (B2C). Certainly, on Facebook those businesses that are directed to the final customer have a greater reception. After all, it is a social network in which people are found showing their closest side. These will show more interest to companies that address them directly.

On the other hand, due to their idle nature, businesses that are related to free time will have a better chance of gaining greater acceptance. Businesses such as travel agencies, cinemas, restaurants, gyms, online stores…

How should I communicate on Facebook?

What usually works best on Facebook is a close approach, but without going over the informal. The point is to open up to the public in the same way that users open up on this social network, but without forgetting the fact that a large part of the audience is not as young as on other networks.

In terms of formats, Facebook has one of the most extensive . You can publish texts, images, videos, stories, live broadcasts. The ideal thing for the algorithm to favor you would be to combine the formats, instead of being pigeonholed into just one.


What kind of audience does YouTube have?

YouTube has more than 2,290 million active users in the world. Of the total, 54% belong to the masculine gender and 46% to the feminine . If we refer to age segments, we find 21.2% in the 25-34 year old group , 17% in the 35-44 year old group and 15% in the 18-24 year old group . 70% of people who consume YouTube do so from a mobile device.

What is the main purpose of YouTube users?

Currently YouTube is used for practically everything. From the most banal entertainment to the most educational content, to listen to music, or directly use the platform as a source to consult very specific information.

What types of businesses could fit on Youtube?

YouTube has room for both Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) . Since audiovisual content always comes in handy and can be implemented on your main website . In addition to the fact that YouTube is of great help for organic positioning in search engines (the so-called SEO).

Examples of businesses whose content could easily fit into YouTube include high-tech companies, schools or academies, or disseminators of all kinds.

How should I communicate on YouTube?

Video marketing is not easy, as it usually requires a lot of resources. But just for that reason it can be a good communication strategy to differentiate yourself from your competition. If you want to discover more about the subject to know if you would be willing not, consult this official guide for companies on YouTube.


 What kind of audience does Instagram have?

Instagram has more than 1,000 million active users per month, of which 500 million use it daily. On average, they use it for a total of 53 minutes a day . 71% of users are under 35 years old , with the 25-34 year old segment being the most consolidated segment on this social network. In terms of gender, the distribution is very even (51% women and 49% men)

What is the main purpose of Instagram users?

Instagram, like Facebook, also serves to connect people. But in the case of Instagram there is another type of approach, due in part to the fact that it only supports visual content . On Instagram showing your lifestyle is the order of the day, and if it is in a clear and direct way , even better. It is the social network in which users show their most “influencer” side.

Precisely because of the good reception that influencers have, Instagram is also a perfect network for users looking for pure entertainment . And it is that regardless of what you like the most (sports, fashion, music…) you will find more than one account launching specific content about it.

What types of businesses could fit on Instagram?

On Instagram, B2C businesses are also prioritized before B2B ones. Also, because so many people use Instagram to find lifestyle inspiration , businesses that have to do with these aspects tend to find a greater reception. Companies related to fashion, beauty or aesthetics, sports, food, wellness (health in general), or travel , have a greater chance of achieving greater reach and greater engagement.

How should I communicate on Instagram?

As we mentioned before, Instagram is very effective for branding (creating a brand image). This is because it is a social network in which naturalness is rewarded, showing yourself as you are together with the values ​​that most represent you.

So the ideal approach is a close, fresh and youthful approach. To do this, we will have ample formats in which to show off our brand (images, carousels, IGTV videos, Reels, Stories…). Being a social network so focused on the visual, the golden rule is that the content really enters through the eyes. It will be useless to create quality content if when it is shown to the user it fails to capture their attention

Another communication tip on Instagram is to make an effort to understand and master the use of hashtags , as this is one of the social networks in which they are most effective.

It is also one of the most suitable networks to put into practice the so-called influencer marketing.


What kind of audience does TikTok have?

TikTok’s audience is in a continuous growth phase , already exceeding 1 billion active users. It is the social network in which the youth audience is most concentrated : 20% of users are under 20 years old , and 32% are in the 20-24 age segment . In other words, 52% of users are 24 years old or younger . Of the total, 55% are women and 45% are men . TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes on the platform.

What is the main purpose of TikTok users?

Pure entertainment. TikTok is one of the most transgressive networks. Only the video format is supported on it, and it is the network where dances, challenges, memes and virals are concentrated . And of course, it is also full of successful influencers.

The average TikTok user enters the application to have a good time watching outgoing content and why not join in creating their own content to share with friends.

What types of businesses could fit on TikTok?

In the first place, that they are addressed to the final customer ( B2C ) and not to other companies (B2B). Second, there will be a greater chance of success if you are targeting a younger audience. Perhaps trying to sell life insurance is not ideal for this social network.

Some companies that could fit in more easily are those related to education, travel, fashion, games, music, sports, applications, food and beverages…

How should I communicate on TikTok?

How can you suppose, in this network creativity is rewarded when preparing content. But it also takes a lot of preparation. That is why we leave you this complete guide for companies on TikTok.


What kind of audience does LinkedIn have?

Linkedin has more than 726 million users in total . The majority of users is in the segment of 25-34 years (60.1%). In gender issues, the balance is tilted towards men (57.5%).

What is the main purpose of LinkedIn users?

Without a doubt, it is the most professional social network. On LinkedIn , users do not usually show aspects of their personal life , unless they have something to do with their studies or professions.

In this social network, simple entertainment is not usually sought (that does not mean that it is not entertaining), but every publication or even interaction or reaction has a reason.

People who find themselves on LinkedIn are usually looking for something related to the world of work . Be it job offers, employees, partners, contacts, potential clients or simply information that may be useful.

There are those who see LinkedIn as a great online network . And it is that you can get to create a community in which synergies are created and some collaborate with others.

It is also used to be aware of the employment situation in your environment . It never hurts to congratulate that old friend on his new job.

 What types of businesses could fit on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most appropriate social network for those businesses that sell their goods and services to other companies (B2B). Think that you are in a professional environment full of professionals from your sector and/or target sector. This increases the chances that contacts, collaborations or contracts will arise naturally.

Companies related to science, technology, marketing, consulting, auditing and textile groups tend to be the most popular on LinkedIn.

How should I communicate on LinkedIn?

The main thing on LinkedIn is to have the profile as optimized as possible. It makes sense if you think about it: just like in real life, on LinkedIn we only have a first impression. And this first impression is sometimes the most valuable. That is why it is vitally important to fill in all the details of our profile and make sure that as a whole it makes a very good impression.

On the other hand, it must be said that on LinkedIn there is a greater demand in terms of publications. No posting for posting , let ‘s make sure that each post is really adding valuable content . Images, videos, texts… dare to play with formats, but never neglect the quality of the content.

Another important point of this social network is interaction. At all times you must invite other users to be part of your publications through the comments . Creating a great enriching debate in the comment box can add up to a lot of points. It would also be advisable for you to engage with others’ posts, don’t be shy!


What kind of audience does Twitter have?

Currently, Twitter has more than 330 million active users per month. Of which the majority are women (62%) . The age segment with the highest concentration is 25-54 years (71%) . And in terms of purchasing power, 63% of users have an annual income between €18,000 and €55,000.

What is the main purpose of Twitter users?

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, users of this social network do not focus so much on maintaining contact with other users or sharing their most personal side . The main purpose of Twitter users is rather to find out about what is happening in the world . Especially in those sectors that arouse the most interest, and then even get to comment on it.

It is also a good place to hang out due to its instantaneous nature . And it is that on Twitter everything happens very quickly .

What types of businesses could fit on Twitter?

Above all, those companies related to the disclosure of information. Regardless of the topic to be discussed. Whether it’s news, politics, sports, music, movies, video games, technology… Anything that involves disseminating information and creating debate will, a priori, have good acceptance on Twitter.

On the other hand, Twitter has room for both companies directed to other companies (B2B) and companies directed to the end customer (B2C).

Those that do not have as much space are those businesses limited to a local environment . Twitter is the network in which word of mouth has the most impact, and this occurs in global terms. Few users will give visibility to those companies that only operate in a small geographical area.

How should I communicate on Twitter?

If used well, Twitter is the social network that can create the most engagement. It is a social network in which, if you create a community, it will be very involved with your company. Reaching out to new users is also made easier thanks to the way Retweets and Likes work. With just one tweet that becomes popular, your brand will already obtain great notoriety.

The key to communication on Twitter is instantaneity . Perhaps it is one of the networks in which the contents become more ephemeral . That is why it requires great activity and being very aware of current events and fashions.

The tone to use in your communications can be both formal and informal and extroverted. Of course, keep in mind that each tweet has a maximum of 240 characters , so we can not extend much. Unless we create a thread of several tweets. In addition, images, gifs or videos can be included in each tweet.

Finally, highlight the great importance of hashtags in this social network. Since your performance with these can make the difference between a great or small scope.

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