10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Programming languages have been shaping the world of mobile app development for years. As a result, dozens of new languages have been developed throughout the industry. Therefore, deciding on the right one to learn can be challenging and overwhelming. In this article, we will be going over the top programming languages in 2020 to help you embark on your journey towards mobile app development.

1. PHP

PHP is a prominent language that has been around for a long time. This language is mostly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy applications and websites. With that said, 80% of all top 10 million social media websites have been built off of PHP.

A couple of examples of this would include Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP is a simple, fast, and independent language with an extensive repository on GitHub. It also has a very large community to back it up. 

PHP has frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, and Phalcon. Furthermore, this language has big industry players like Oracle, HCL, and Motorola, who are continually looking for PHP developers.

2. Swift

Swift is an object-oriented and block-structured programming language that provides better readability, faster speeds, and dynamic libraries. The Swift language reduces application size as well as providing optimal performance.

This programming language was made for application development. Therefore, Apple itself has switched from Objective C to Swift, which justifies its influence on Mac OS, watch OS, and other Apple applications. 

Swift has two major frameworks which are Cocoa and Cloudkit. It also has more than 156,000 repositories on Github. Huge companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Apple are always looking for upcoming developers knowledgeable in this language to help them with mobile app development. 

3. C-Sharp

C-Sharp is a pure object-oriented programming language with a wideset of knowledgeable libraries. This makes the creation and compilation of programs extremely fast.

Now, C-Sharp is primarily used with the .Net framework to design web forms and windows applications. With over 19,000 repositories on Github, it’s one of the most popular languages for game development, especially for Xbox and virtual reality games

Two of the major frameworks for C-Sharp are .Net and Xamarin. Also, companies such as Intellectsoft, Philips, and Capgemini are looking for highly skilled C-Sharp developers for mobile app development.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin has been one of the trendiest programming languages of 2020. It’s also expected to experience a vast amount of growth in the upcoming years. Kotlin is a Google endorsed cross-platform general-purpose programming language, which has recently made it to the top of many Android app developers lists. Kotlin comes with features such as interoperability with Java and Android Studio support. This will help you write less code with fewer bugs. 

Kotlin has frameworks such as Ktor, Vertex, and Spring. Although Kotlin is fairly new in the market, it still boasts a community of over 73,000 on Github. Furthermore, a lot of companies like Airtel, Lenskart, and Pinterest, and Basecamp are actively looking for app developers.

5. R

R is the most popular for statistical analysis and data science. R is not just an open-source programming language, but it comes with cross-platform compatibility and has over 6 million repositories on Github. R offers features in the financial domain when it comes to building statistical models and analyzing fraudulent transactions.

A few highlights R provides is the ability to create web applications and provides an enriching library of over 10,000 packages for several means. One of the most famous IDs used for R is R Studio. Therefore, if you’re skilled in this programming language, you can get hired from companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google

6. GoLang

GoLang was developed by Google and had features such as concurrency, which is very difficult to come by in other programming languages. Google’s versatility as a company reflects that within this programming language since it rules domains such as machine learning and web development.

The main highlight of this programming language is its system development, which is only possible due to Golang’s high scalability scope. Despite being relatively new, GoLang does have frameworks such as Revel and Beego.

This language has a growing community of over 110,000 repositories on GitHub. Companies such as Cisco, Capgemini, and Springboard are hiring developers if you’re looking for jobs in this language. 

7. C and C++

These are often referred to as the programming languages which act as stepping stones for programmers just starting. Each one of these languages continues to retain its functionality and popularity. C and C ++ rule out approximately 20% of the coding world thanks to their Legacy system and other inherent features.

Both of these languages have a large following on Github and have over 9 million repositories. Some examples of companies that utilize C and C++ are eBay, Spotify, Adobe, and Oracle. Companies that are hiring in this language include HP, Huawei, and IBM

8. JavaScript

JavaScript is the language of web development. JavaScript is known as an object-oriented scripting language. JavaScript started as a simple client-side scripting language but now holds major frameworks for both the front and back-end. Some of the popular frameworks for this language are Node.JS, React JS, and Angular JS

Furthermore, if you have JavaScript on your resume, it opens up opportunities for you, ranging from tech startups to tech giants like Google, Dell, and Facebook. JavaScript also has a vast community on Github of over 600,000 repositories. 

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9. Java

Within the app development world, Java is the most popular programming language when it comes to the number of job openings and widespread community acceptance.

Java is an open-source language and easy to learn. This language prides itself on several powerful features such as powerful memory management, backward compatibility, robust security, and quality performance. Java acts as a cross-platform programming language that serves as the base for various frameworks such as Spring, Strut, and Hibernate.

A large number of programmers start as Java developers in the app development industry can find jobs in HCL, Wipro, and Tech Mahindra. Java also has a significant community on Github with over 1.2 million repositories. 

10. Python

Python is an open-source and object-oriented interpreted language. It’s mostly used to develop graphical user-interfaces. These guys are used for imaging software, like Inkscape and PaintShop Pro. Furthermore, Python works with multiple frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Pyramid, and apps like the Google engine are also based on Python

Python is an easy to use language, which is easily integrated with C and C++. It also provides cross-browser support. Python also has more than 1 million repositories on Github. So, it’s no surprise that Python is one of the most desired programming skills in 2020. A developer with expertise in Python will be able to land a job at companies such as Google, Facebook, and Spotify.

In Summary

The languages mentioned above concludes our list of the top 10 programming languages to learn in 2020. There are other languages on the market, such as Julia, Ruby, and Rust, which are also popular languages on the rise. The professionals at Ecodelogic understand mobile app development languages and can help you with your mobile app.

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