We’ll Have More Control Over Windows 10 After The Following Significant Update

We’ll Have More Control Over Windows 10 After The Following Significant Update

The next significant Windows 10 operating system update is scheduled for late May, and with that, Microsoft will give users more control over how updates will be installed. You will be able to pause them for up to 35 days (in seven-day increments), so far with only the option of setting an installation period or postponing the upgrade. This should greatly reduce the chances of an update being installed automatically at the most inappropriate times.

Also, Windows 10 , will be able to take into account itself when using the system and thus by itself avoid the forced installation of future updates. The active hours function appeared with the anniversary update of 2016, but everything had to be configured manually. Most users did not have a hard time changing the default hours from 08:00 to 17:00, so many working outside of this schedule opening were extremely disturbed that the operating system was refreshed when they required more PC.

Windows 10 Will Receive A Major Update In May

With a similar update from May, the Download and Install option that refers to semiannual updates (as well as the version coming now) will also be available. This option will be separate from the current tool for checking for updates, which should help you avoid getting stuck in a forced update cycle. Thus, Microsoft should notify you when updates for different options are available, so you know when such an update or security patch is available.

You will not be able to block these boundless updates for security reasons. If you are using a version of Windows 10 approaching the end date of the service, then the system will automatically install a newer version to make sure that your PC continues to receive security updates.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is extending the launch phase for the May update a few weeks ago, thus hoping to avoid the serious issues of last year’s major updates, which created a lot of problems for users. Both internal and internal testers will receive the update starting next week, with Microsoft intending to extend the update to even more testers next month.

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