Top 11 Java Development Frameworks In 2020 You Should Know

Top 11 Java Development Frameworks In 2020 You Should Know

Since the release of Java in the year 1995, this programming language serves as the primary source of development and programming. Java is used for developing various custom software solutions, including websites and mobile apps. Java is a robust language when combined with the framework, offers the best domain solution for IT, e-commerce, banking, cloud computing, and other sectors. 

What is Java Frameworks?

Java frameworks are a pre-written code acting as a template the developer uses and reuses to create an application. Reusing these frameworks enables developers to program applications without the manual overhead of creating every line of code from scratch. Java frameworks include pre-defined classes used for the process, input, and manage hardware devices, along with system software.

Java Frameworks allows developers to give a proper structure to applications. For instance, if there is an appropriate framework for testing purposes, the developer can automate several things and get an accurate result. 

Top 11 Java developer frameworks

Java development services have become the necessity2 of the business nowadays and there are many java development frameworks to use for a specific purpose. Each of these mentioned frameworks carries benefits and used for various development purposes. Let us check the top 11 java developer

1. Apache Struts 1-

One of the most used Java frameworks, Apache Struts 1 is a free and open-source framework used for developing compelling web applications. Apache is used for building Java EE Applications. Apache Struts 1 urges developers to adopt a new MVC platform. An interesting part of this framework is it supports various plugins.  Developed by Apache Software Foundation, Struts is freely downloadable from the official website. Developing of struts application is quite similar to the development of different kinds of the web application.

2. Spring

Spring java development framework is known for the concept of Dependency Injection and Aspect-Oriented programming feature. Spring is majorly used for the open-source framework used Enterprise applications. By using Spring, developers can create modules where the framework handles the significant dependency. The reason why Spring is best among java developer framework is that it has a lot of features, including- security and configuration. This Java framework also carries different components, including- Spring Core, Spring Web MVC, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Spring context, Spring ORM, and Spring Web Flow.

3. Hibernate ORM-

Hibernate is known as ORM- Object- Relational Mapping tool used for Java language. It is best used for mapping object-oriented domain models to a relational database. Although it is not a full-stack framework, it does offer Java programmers with a secure platform to convert databases. What makes Hibernate ORM the top framework-developing tool because of it easy to use a feature, lightweight, easy to scale, and offers fast results.

4. Google Web Toolkit-

As a Java programmer, Google Web Toolkit is quite comprehensive and carries a lot of tools for the app development purpose. All components of GWT carry open-source, helping developers to maintain JavaScript front-end applications. Users find GWT smooth enough to design complex applications.

5. Apache Wicket-

Apache Wicket is a simple web application framework and carries a component-oriented structure. If you have in-depth knowledge of Java and HTML, then using Apache Wicket is fun. POJO, the main feature of Wicket, wherein components are simple enough to use. There are different components bundled together as reusable packages, including images, forms, links, pages, and containers.

6. Grails-

Grails carries a groovy Java framework and is built on the top of Spring Boot. It is an open-source framework for Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

Web developers can use Grails on Content Management System for developing different compelling sites and online stores. The best thing about Grails is it is compatible with JDK, Java EE containers, Hibernate, Spring, and Quartz.

7. Dropwizard-

Dropwizard is a lightweight framework that lets you complete the application development fast. Dropwizard offers complete support for advanced configurations, logging, application metrics, and others. By using the Dropwizard framework, you can create RESTful web applications to give high performance. 

The framework brings a host of libraries, including- Jetty, Guava, Jersey, Jackson, and few others. Since it carries integrated libraries for the configuration purpose, you can engage yourself in building business logic. 

8. ATG-

ATG is a web-commerce platform written in Java and is a customizable framework useful for developing websites related to e-commerce. ATG is owned by Oracle and supports both B2B and B2C complex applications. If you are developing e-commerce websites, ATG is the best Java framework that can enrich the technical aspect of the site. In ATG, there 3 main layers in the framework-

  • Dynamo Application Framework
  • Personalization Module
  • Scenarios Module

If you have not used ATG, then learning this framework is easy, but needs patience. Top companies like Walmart, Macy’s BestBuy, and few others used ATG for website building purposes.

9. Play-

Bit conventional and unique type of framework, Play is a type of framework that follows convention. Play is an open-source web application framework and is based on MVC pattern. Similar to Django and Ruby, Play has certain features like-

  • High performance due to asynchronous processing
  • No container, no states and built on reactive principles
  • Uses statically typed language, helping developers to find errors during compile time, saving many mistakes early in the development life cycle.
  • Scala explores true OOP along with some functional programming concepts. Its compatibility with Java makes for an excellent and robust system.

10. Apache Hadoop-

Apache Hadoop offers a software framework and works on the MapReduce programming model. What makes Apache Hadoop worth using is because it can handle vast volumes of data and process them to provide efficient results. The Hadoop HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) has the data model. HDFS helps in dividing the file set, which is replicated across different clusters.

11. Vaadin-

Vaadin is a platform where developers can perform HTML5 web UI implementation using Java. Vaadin is an open-source platform, including Java web framework, and has a set of application starter and tools. Vaadin flow is the actual java framework and is the part of the Vaadin platform, taking care of client-server communication. This platform allows the developer to write a web application without using JS or CSS. Vaadin makes the Java application building process handy so that you can concentrate on the presentation layer.


There are many more Java development frameworks in 2020 available for developers to build authentic and quality products. Before using any of the frameworks, consider features, size, and other factors. Top IT Service Providers are using these to get the right IT solutions.

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