What Is The Good And Bad Of Digital Use During A Lockdown

What Is The Good And Bad Of Digital Use During A Lockdown

Pros And Cons Of Digital Dependency During Lockdown

Covid-19 and global lockdown will represent this year an extraordinary part in history. You’ll remember the days where your boss was interrupted by his kids during an online conference. And you worked through this lockdown with great safety and procrastination.

The pandemic forces us to work in the comfort of our homes that have some pros and cons. By the government’s orders, we have to shield ourselves from others and against the world to remain safe. The lockdown affected our lifestyle, work mode, and many festivals. It feels like the year of 2020 is passing so suddenly that you’ve no hold of it.

Many things changed in our lives during these past couple of months. With 24 hours of indoor stay, our mind was tired, bored, and looking for things to do. People with jobs have to manage working from home by sitting against the screens.

The biggest impact that occurred during the pandemic was a digital dependency. Our minds wandered and later settled on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zoom, Google Meet, Tik Tok, and other online platforms to keep in touch with the outside world. From social media and entertainment platforms to online screen-sharing platforms like Zoom and Google meet.

Successful Platforms During Covid-19

Zoom Video Communications was a remote conferencing services company based out in San Jose. Due to online study from schools and colleges, it saw a 130% share price increase since the beginning of the year.

Netflix became the need of the hour during the lockdown. With more people being stuck in their home from morning to night, they leveraged the shows they wanted to finish once they got enough time.

Youtube also saw phenomenal growth in numbers of people streaming many contents and information to stay entertained. Hence YouTube offered various modes of information, entertainment, knowledge, skill, and talent through a stay at home and watch programs.

Gaming – Gaming was the rage among bored teenagers and even adults. It was an escape from the heavy boredom and an enlightening task that was entertaining. Games like Xbox, Google Station, and Playstation saw a staggering rise through millions of purchasing. Along with multiple games, gaming glasses saw exponential growth in sales from gamers around the world.

The Side Effect of Digital Dependency During Covid-19

It was all fun and games but then various visual problems started occurring in our body which caused prominent concern among people. It’s true that there are no other ways of fun if you are in lockdown with no friends, family, and things to do. However, the growing obsession and dependency on screens of your smartphones, tablets, TV, computers, and laptops led to a shoot up of multiple eye problems and visual discomfort.

Screens from our various digital devices emit harmful blue light rays. Blue light rays are painful and cause various eye problems and discomfort that’s hard to bear. With hours of online studying, work from home on screen, and binge-watching, many people experienced eye complications during the lockdown. To your surprise, eye problems in the past few months have increased 80% more among people with the overexposure of gadgets. This also led to a 2x more increase in the sale of Computer glasses. Wonder why? Read on to find out.

With hours of screen consumption, those harmful blue light rays enter the retina of the eye and cause several problems. These problems seem insignificant at first, like dryness, redness, irritation, grittiness, eye-watering, headache, burning sensation, and more. With time, these complications become frequent and cause great imbalance in our life.

Blue light rays can also contribute to major issues like neck and shoulder pain, unclear and blurry vision, weight gain, and uneven sleeping patterns.

The solution to such problems lies in eliminating those rays from meeting our eyes. Once they cease from penetrating the retina, this visual discomfort and problems would occur. Hence Blue light glasses, also known as Computer glasses, came to the rescue. Blue light glasses help to block or reflect incoming blue light rays in front of the screen. This leads to the elimination of many eye problems like eyestrain, headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, and others.

You can own these glasses with prescription or non-prescription from Specscart. It offers its glasses with a free fully loaded coating of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV, and Impact resistance that adds surplus quality and protection to these glasses. With its try on glasses service, try their 4 frames for 7 days to get complete assurance of premium quality.

Blue light glasses keep your eyes protected while you operate on your screen for hours, whether binge-watching or doing office work. It saves you from developing progressive visual disease, corrects sleeping patterns, and gives you a safe screen time.

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