Web Archiving And Importance Of Digital Footprint

Web Archiving And Importance Of Digital Footprint

Before the advent of the Internet, life was very simple. And, doing business was even simpler. Do You remember the days when people used to buy things from the television? Or, those days, when in order to buy something, we had to get out of our homes?

Well, those days are long gone. Even though these primitive ways still exist, our focus has shifted from there. With a click, we can now shop for all our necessities, fill up our wardrobes, order food for dinner or even hail a cab to travel from here to another place.

Life has become more convenient! Since 2001, a study reports that internet users have skyrocketed by 1000%, Yes, you read it right, a 1000%. This has also impacted businesses and as a resultant reaction to the stimuli, the majority of the businesses are going digital.

This Global Pandemic has also worked in the favor of the Internet and the majority of the small businesses, who didn’t online have finally felt the necessity and are going online. In fact, even the neighbourhood stores are also taking the help of the web now.

What Are Web Records?

To be simply But, imagine your physical business and its blueprints that you always keep handy; web records are basically the blueprints and layout of your vast online business empire.

Starting from your Website, to the back-end development, to the Database stored, it is like the treasure of Your Online business. These web records are very important for a business, as well. Many Digital Marketers tend to use these to make marketing more effective.

Let’s Differentiate Between Web Records And Web Archives

Well, after the boom in the Internet era, websites are getting heavier as the traffic is increasing and people are spending a lot of their time on the Internet. Pew Research study showed that almost 77% of Americans go online, every day.

Hence, website records were becoming difficult and troublesome to store and were taking up a lot of time for the employees. Imagine, you will sit on a laptop, screenshot every page of the website, every functionality of the same in a chronological manner.

Is that humanly possible? No, right, hence the solution that was invented in the form of Website Archiving! There are many tools available on the web like Stillio that help businesses archive Websites on a real-time basis. This has come up as a breather to all those businesses, who had a huge web presence!

Benefits Of Web Archiving

Apart from saving time, effort, storage, and money, Web Archiving can be put into a lot of uses. The process of web archiving has become an essential part of the businesses, as it is also needed for Legal Compliance. Hence, with web archiving and such tools, there’s been smooth progress in this field.

Helps Digital Marketers:

An average day to day responsibility of a Digital Marketer involves making the web presence so strong that people can easily find the brand. However, how will they know that their targets are met on a real-time basis?

That is where Web Archiving comes in. Imagine automated screenshots at intervals to locate where the website ranks on Search Engine Response Pages, real-time screen recording of customer activity, and the best part of this exercise, mapping individual touchpoints of the consumers.

What more do you need? You have data, audience, analysis, and results. Make a concrete plan and kill your competition. They will not even see it coming

Keep Evidence For All Your Activities:

Doing business online can be so harsh at times. There are always false claims, and people love to take advantage of the situation. How many times have you received pretentious claims and false allegations?

If you believed in Web Archiving, then, you wouldn’t be reading this now. Web archiving has helped businesses stay on top even when their website crashed as this helps in a real-time interface for customers with limited functionalities, of course.

Legal Compliance:

It is no longer a luxury, now. It is a necessity and hence, using the right tool is important to ensure you are legally right. Laws in the US and Europe are very strict when it comes to maintaining records of all electronic communications.

Now that you have understood the importance of Web Archiving, what are you waiting for? If you want to make the same mistakes and keep reading this article, again and again, you can or you can simply take matters into your own hands and archive your web presence before anything serious pops up.

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