5 Essential Tools To Know The Traffic Of Your Website

5 Essential Tools To Know The Traffic Of Your Website

If we are thinking of creating business digitally through a website or a blog, we must always bear in mind that the control and optimization of this are essential for its success.

For this reason, it is always important to have control of the web traffic or the number of visits that our pages and even other websites may have in order to know what we should improve and optimize.

In this post, we will show you 5 essential tools to know the traffic on your website.

Know The Traffic Of Your Website

Knowing the traffic of a website is essential for its growth, without knowing this data we would not know if our actions are helping our growth or not.

Although we warn you, do not be fooled, for more tools, none can give you 100% accurate data on the different pages, only the WebMaster has that information. But among all the existing ones, nothing better than Google Analytics to have more precise data on your website .

Tools To Measure The Traffic Of Your Website

If you want to know the traffic of your website you must take into account these essential tools. In addition, you can know an approximate data of the traffic of other websites to make an analysis of the competition and be able to create strategies to overcome it.

Therefore, we recommend the most functional ones, remember that knowing the traffic of your website or the competition is essential to improve and obtain continuous success on your website.

Tools To Measure The Traffic Of My Own Website

1. Google Analytics: This is the best tool to know the traffic of your website since it has the best description of the origin of visits by sector and by location, which is why it is the most used tool in the world of marketing.

It also has a great and practical app when it comes to seeing all the information you need about web traffic, so it is very useful to control the traffic of your website in your day to day.

2. Metricool: It is an essential tool to know web traffic. This not only indicates the geographical data, but you can also know the high points of visits to your posts, the comments of the current month and even better you can see the traffic in real-time so that you can see how the traffic of your page behaves.

Another of its advantages is the statistics and reports that it provides, they are practical and easy to interpret so that it is understandable by anyone interested, it also has a magnificent app with the same characteristics.

Tools To Measure Traffic From Other Websites

These are essential tools to analyze the traffic of the competition, with them you will obtain interesting data that will give you a strategic advantage over them.

SEMRush: This is one of the best, although it is a paid tool although it has a free version so that you can get to know it and familiarize yourself with it before acquiring all its advantages.

This specializes in the SEO and SEM of the different websites where it not only performs traffic statistics, but also compares domains, keywords, and keywords. With it, you can know how your competition is positioned in what is about organic traffic among many other interesting facts.

Ahrefs: It is a plugin tool that some have described as imprecise but it is worth it since it has essential data to know the behavior of the competition that no other tool offers.

Apart from conducting traffic studies, this is characterized by conducting deep link building studies. This shows you the ranking on the web of the pages to study and the link pages of the same.

SimilarWeb: This very useful tool shows us the origin of the traffic that leads to the competition page and shows us a great statistic with the networks that generate the most traffic to said websites, although it may not show the pages that do not have many visitors.

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