Instagram Marketing To Help You Overcome The Corona Backlog

Instagram Marketing To Help You Overcome The Corona Backlog

Coronavirus has affected marketing severely, yet you despite everything need to keep in contact with your clients, partners, prospects, as-well-as team members. 

With the current situation, social media is the best way to do so. But you can’t proceed with your regular social media strategies or cadences anymore.

Instagram Marketing Changes To Make During The Pandemic

You need to stay updated with the conundrum that the world is facing. Hence, you must consider these changes to your Instagram marketing to continue your social media outreach during the pandemic

  • Change Your Bios 

If your operations have been affected, your Instagram bios must reflect that reality. 

If your business earlier indicated something on your Instagram handle that is no longer applicable due to the current situation, you must update it with other relevant information.

If you hold key updates for your audiences, a good place to keep them secured in a position for the audience to see quickly is Highlights on Instagram.

  • Listen To Customers

In this pandemic, wherever you exist in advance is a potential customer service channel. You need to widen your efforts to find, engross, and answer customers on your Instagram page. 

Customer communication via social media has multiplied since the Coronavirus outbreak, hence, you have to take the influence of that.

  • Post With Meaning

The time when content was posted simply because they were “expected” as per the online life publication schedule has gone. Needless to say, it doesn’t imply that you can’t act lighthearted or funny. 

The current situation dictates that you must carefully realize the intention with which you are uploading a post or a story on Instagram.

You must know the target audience for the post, how does it engage, educate, inform, or benefit the audience.

If you post daily on Instagram, you must post with meaning and weigh all the benefits that the post could deliver.

Video is a video creation platform that can provide you with a decent video marketing strategy to include in your business and gain success during the pandemic.

  • Make It About The People

This announcement was applicable before Coronavirus, yet it’s considerably progressively obvious at the present time.

You have to show individuals that you care about and trust them more than you trust companies or organizations.

Every business is comprised of exceptional people and the time to showcase that is now. Use real people in as much of your Instagram posts as viable in this online connected world.

  • Expand Influencer Marketing 

Influencers and influencer marketing is now even more effective than before. 

In these unprecedented times, we rely upon people we trust and acknowledge, which makes the idea of using a renowned influencer even more impactful.  

  • Make Visuals in Context 

Social distancing has transformed our perceptions about so many things.

It’s convenient to be dependent upon your brand imagery for social media; however, you may unknowingly send a message that might not be appropriate.  

Use visuals that are not only striking but also promote the message of wearing masks, maintaining sanitation, and being socially distant from people.

  • Implement New Formats and Publishing Times 

You must’ve experimented and optimized the content formats and aesthetic appeal to upload your brand’s posts for quite some time. However, in these times, you need to cast that aside.  

While social media usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic, individuals’ life schedules have hugely been changed. Less time for healthcare and more emphasis on online meetings or household tasks.

The internet is witnessing a massive increase in engagement for video posts, primarily due to their swift message delivery and engagement.

Some latest reports indicate a huge chunk of traffic being active on Instagram toward mid to late evening posts. 

Engagement in these odd hours is because people catch up on social media after they’re done with their online meetings and odd work schedules during the day.

  • Evaluate Your Paid Instagram Suppositions

In general, click-through-rates for Instagram ads are falling, inferring that more affordable promotions probably won’t function admirably.

Clients in specific businesses are witnessing incredible success with paid social media ads, more so than in those good ole pre-pandemic days.

The data gathered so far has rendered all calculations about paid Instagram ads redundant. You need to retest your data and projections accordingly.

  • Broaden Your Sales Funnel 

In these mercurial times, people might not want to, or simply cannot buy from you. But that doesn’t imply that they don’t look for motivation and education.

Try to devise ways to spotlight previous clients and how they utilize your products and services in their daily lives.

You need to enlighten your viewers online to potentially convert to customers by showcasing positive reviews of your brand success and its well-received products from previous customers.

You need to approach a decent Instagram marketing company that can provide you with some professional knowledge on how to market your brand during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Repurpose Previous Winners 

Your company already has winning social media content. It could be from last month or last year. It could be a big pile of content like a report or video series.  

One of the greatest ways to excel with social right now is to deconstruct, repackage, and republish your previous winners.

You should only follow this if the context is still valid and appropriate.

  • Emphasize Helping, Not Selling 

Overt sales campaigns can be tough right now. However, if you can help your prospects, they would remember and reward you in the long run. 

Make your Instagram posts and stories about helping people, maintaining hygiene and social distancing. Try to publish your brand’s content around these key values.

If the basis of your social media is to help, then you can also sell a little along the way without overly promoting your brand.

People would appreciate helping hands in this dilemma that the world now faces. This would also improve your brand image in the society.

Final Words

It may be harder than ever before to be liable for social media platforms such as Instagram in your company or organization. But it might also never be a more vital task.

You can continue to communicate, inspire, educate, and help your audiences. All you need are certain tweaks and refinements in your Instagram marketing campaign.

By checking all the above-mentioned points, you can attain success even in these difficult times by specifically targeting aspects that would make a difference.

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