World Economic Recession Due To Covid-19

World Economic Recession Due To Covid-19

Concerned about your company in the global economic recession due to Coronavirus? COVID-19 is a virus that is not only impacting the health of the entire world population but has also directly affected the economic stability of all small businesses. 

This is because the vast majority of them are not digitally prepared to face the economic and health crisis that I know is currently undergoing.


That is why many businesses have had to shorten their investments, even reducing staff to the point of bankruptcy. If you want to know what methods small businesses can use to survive the coronavirus, read on.  

Identify Threats

The first step we must take in order for our company to survive COVID-19 is to identify the threats we face. For this, the most recommended is to make a list of all incidents that affect and that could affect the stability of our company. In this way, we will be able to know exactly in what position our business is currently.

Analyze The Impact Of Threats

Once the circumstances and inconveniences that are affecting the proper functioning of our brand are identified. What we must do is analyze these threats to find out what are the appropriate solutions that guarantee the best possible recovery for the company. 

For this, we can answer certain questions that will provide us with accurate data on the state of the company during the coronavirus, such as: What are the main areas of our business in order to survive the crisis? How many days without production can these areas survive? What would be the impact if these sections stop working? How can we make these sections keep working?

Design A Recovery Plan

By having the necessary information about the state of our company and its possible threats. What we must do is design an effective plan that allows us to start with the recovery of our company. For this, the following recommendations can be taken: 

  • Streamline Costs: In order to streamline costs, we must take an inventory of our resources, in order to reduce those that are not strictly necessary. In this inventory, it is recommended to take data such as suppliers, work personnel, client list, available capital, among others.
  • Work Remotely And Efficiently: In this way, we will be able to optimize our time and that of the working staff from our homes. In order to make this possible, we must use tools that allow us to establish communication between work teams.
  • Appoint A Leader: Depending on the size of our company, the most recommended when working digitally is to assign a leader to each sector. Which is responsible for direct monitoring of workers to ensure that they properly perform the tasks and increase their effectiveness.
  • Invest In Digital Platforms: Once the digital format with the brand’s operational systems is established, the last step to follow is to design digital marketing plans that allow us to reach potential customers and increase the company’s profits.

Test the plan 

Designed the contingency plan, what we should do is a test on lower scales if it works. In this way, we can minimize the risks of loss and improve those inconveniences that may arise. In addition to ensuring that our company can stay afloat even during this pandemic.  

Implement A Positioning Plan

Currently, many companies are decreasing their online marketing and positioning campaigns due to the instability that the coronavirus represents. However, this is one of the main reasons why we must position our brand because the competition is lower. 

To do this, we must start by carrying out campaigns that give users confidence and guarantee their safety. In addition to showing them that our brand is a socially responsible company, which complies with the stipulated prevention measures and is prepared to evolve efficiently by offering the products or services they need. 

Finally, positioning campaigns must show what our value proposition is and how we are contributing to the improvement of this situation. We make this possible by showing each of the strengths of our brand and making known what our company’s vision is for the future. 

Is Digital Marketing An Option For Small Business To Survive The CoronaVirus?

Currently, more than 95% of consumers worldwide think that having a website is essential for all companies. However, only 48% have one. This is because many companies believe that digitization is not necessary, but they do not know that without them the development and growth of their companies decrease. 

The lack of digital marketing in companies means giving up one of the main sources of income during the coronavirus. Currently, companies that use digital platforms can increase their sales or conversions by 35%. That is why, if we have the right digital marketing strategies, our company will be able to survive this economic crisis caused by COVID-19. 

For example, if our brand depended solely on sales that are made physically, with the preventive quarantine that many people have made, sales would decrease exponentially. While if we have an online platform we can continue to generate income even from our home, without putting our users and work staff at risk. 

What Are The Recommendations That Small Companies That Have Not Digitized Their Brands Should Follow

The main step is to start digitizing your brand by creating a website and implementing digital marketing strategies. This allows your company to continue searching for new customers to generate stable income that keeps the company afloat. 

Sudhakar Boche

Sudhakar Boche

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