Top 3 Tech Predictions For 2021

Top 3 Tech Predictions For 2021

2021 will be a year of changes where digital transformation will be a “true fact” that is here to stay. This is what Gunther Barajas, recently appointed Country Manager Infor Mexico, points out when sharing the main predictions for the next 12 months from the perspective of his company.

The manager groups expectations into three main technologies:

The Cloud Will Reinvent Experiences

After the final of the tennis championship in the United States (US Open) was held in the cloud this year together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize the virtual experience for fans who could not attend the event in person, a This is likely to occur at many events that will leverage cloud technology for viewers to have their own experience.

2021 has several events scheduled such as the Olympics in Tokyo and the Wimbledon Championships, so cloud technology will be dedicated to completely reinventing fan experiences.

The potential of using the cloud is huge to transform events, with real-time analytics of crowd excitement to optimize highlights and advertisements, live commentary and moderate interaction between attendees, all based on robust platforms in the cloud.

  • Multi-tenant architecture in the cloud will be the desired new standard

    Using multi-tenant solutions in the cloud means you automatically update with state-of-the-art technology, without the need to worry about manual updates or replacing hardware. The new year will surely bring more uncertainty, multi-tenant solutions in the cloud will be critical technology differentiators, helping companies stay agile and innovative, also reducing their footprints and helping to achieve their objectives.

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Will Transform The Hiring Process

In the unpredictable job market of 2021, it will be critical for organizations to leverage AI to ensure the right candidate is found for the position. The AI ​​will allow the HR department to be more proactive in its hiring to help determine which candidate is the fittest using the data to measure the quality of the hiring.

Innovations such as smart evaluation software that automates resume evaluation, hiring chatbots that interact with candidates in real-time, and digital interviews that help ascertain that the candidate is the right fit will be standard tools for HR staff. . AI also represents a great tool to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces, due to its ability to decrease trends and add objectivity in hiring decision making through AI algorithms that identify the qualities of candidates.

  • AI In Healthcare Will Prove Critical

The coming year will see accelerated adoption of AI in many areas of the healthcare sector. By applying machine learning on global data in real time, health professionals will be able to more accurately monitor infected personnel and patients, allowing more precise diagnoses, using predictive analytics for monitoring protective equipment (PPE), optimizing staff assignments and developing more effective and long-lasting vaccines.

Supply Chain

  • Supply Chains Will Quickly Go Digital

As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital supply chains will accelerate in 2021. Supply chain leaders have traditionally considered Digital Transformation within a context of efficiency and costs, now the focus is of agility and resilience.

This is where digital technology comes in. A multi-enterprise digital supply chain enables better end-to-end visibility, better predictive analytics, and smarter, better automation. Leaders will be able to customize and flex their supply chains based on market demand by making better use of ecosystem partners. These digital tools are various and range from artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotic process automation that will impact the new proposals.

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Be Critical To Match Demand And Supply In Real Time.

When the disruptions emerged in 2020, it became clear that real-time demand and supply management, as well as forecasting, were tasks that can no longer be performed by humans alone. It is no longer reasonable to expect a supply chain leader to predict when the market in one country will suddenly close and another will open, or to be responsible for ever-changing materials and costs and especially considering that government restrictions on transportation and travel vary. suddenly.

In 2021, we will see increased adoption of AI to increase worker experience and intuition by providing intelligent insight into changing market conditions, enabling accurate forecasting of demand and supply in real time.

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