Tips To Create A Website That Shall Improve SEO Performance

Tips To Create A Website That Shall Improve SEO Performance

You want to captivate your audience with an amazing eye-catching website, but how do ensure that is SEO-friendly? Keep in mind that Google considers the look and feel of your website before ranking it on its search engine. This requires you to make the right design choices so that the website remains easy to be indexed by the crawlers. If you want to improve the online visibility of your business, remember, the more user-friendly your website the higher going to be its ranking on the SERP.

Do you think including lots of graphics and complex navigation would serve the purpose? An expert website designer in Dubai would suggest you otherwise. In the world of web design, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Here, we will discuss how the design of your website influences its SEO performance. 

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How To Create A Website That Boosts SEO Performance?

Choose A Responsive Design  

Adjustable layout, flexible grids, simple images, and media queries are the ingredients of creating a responsive website design. By opting for it, you get a user-friendly interface of your website that further delivers a superior user experience.

Also, make sure your website is mobile-responsive, something that Google takes into account while ranking it. The responsive design approach is highly relevant and not going anywhere anytime soon. So, you better buckle up and give it a try while designing your new website. 

Go For Simple Navigation 

Pressed for time, users are not ready to spend more than a few second to find the relevant information on your website. Compact menu and limited categories make sure your website is easily navigable by the visitors and discoverable by the search engine.

To understand which navigation style would serve your purpose the best, we suggest you consult a website design company and seek its professional services.

Limit The Visual Element 

Catchy images and animations are aesthetically-pleasing but do you know, if overdone, they can affect the ranking of your website adversely? So, minimize the top-selected image files and optimize the same. Doing so will make sure that your website is light-weight, fast-loading, user-friendly, and discoverable by the search engine.

With such a website, you can reduce the bounce rate and enhance the stay duration of the visitors. If you are wondering how to go about it while creating your new website, then hire a website development company and let him/her handle the task on your behalf. 

Ensure High Readability 

Not only does your website have to look pleasing, but it has to be also easily readable by the visitors. When deciding the design element, make sure you pick the right font and of standard size. Neither too small nor too big is appealing to the eye.

Besides, striking the right balance between the font colors and that of the background is more than essential. A site that Google finds to be useful, impactful, and highly readable will get a higher ranking, and that is a given fact. 


It is through the website that people form opinions and impressions about your business. A professional website increases the credibility of your business in more than one way. Moreover, a website that meets user needs is automatically given a higher ranking on the search engine. So, hire an expert who shall incorporate the aforementioned guidelines to gift you an SEO compliant lead-generating website. 

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